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Veteran Voting Support Act

Location: Washington, DC

VETERAN VOTING SUPPORT ACT -- (Extensions of Remarks - September 17, 2008)

* Mr. HOLT. Madam Speaker, I rise today to express my support for the Veteran Voting Support Act, and to commend the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. BRADY) for his leadership in offering it. I was honored to join him as an original sponsor of it, and I urge all of my colleagues to support it.

* In a few short weeks, we will participate in two celebrations of our democracy: Election Day, the day upon which we will exercise our most fundamental right--the right by which we secure all others--the right to vote. And one week later, we will celebrate Veterans Day, the day upon which we honor those who always risk and who all too often give their very lives to preserve and protect our ability to engage in that fundamental right. Arguably, we should celebrate Veterans Day first, and Election Day thereafter, because without the sacrifice of the former we could not continue to be endowed with the latter.

* That is why I offer my heartfelt support for the Veteran Voting Support Act, which responds to a flawed policy of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs that would have prohibited voter registration at VA facilities. The measure permits states to designate facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs as voter registration agencies, requires the VA to provide assistance with absentee ballots, and requires that nonpartisan organizations and election officials be given opportunities to assist veterans with registration and to provide voting information. Above all others, our service men and women should be provided with every convenience and resource to facilitate their ability to vote. This balanced measure does that, while protecting their privacy and preserving the high standard of their care. Our veterans' have fought for our right to vote, and we must now fight for theirs. I urge my colleagues to honor their sacrifice by supporting this measure.

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