New Follow Up Speech

By:  HRM Caesar St Augustine De Buonaparte
Date: Oct. 28, 2008
Location: Unknown

New Follow Up Speech

My Fellow Hypocrite Humans,

It honestly looks like another election will pass me without any nationwide much less world wide attention, even if I were to show the people from all walks of life how I could have past & present helped solve the most pressing problems of today's venue. My twin Ambassador & myself met back in 1984 while he was on the road campaigning to be President, I started back in 1996 he quit then when I was running, but since then we both separately & together were attacked by both intentional & (claimed by the culprits) unintentional attacks by use of color of laws & fabrication by police, city, & county officials, some private individuals are included in these attacks, It left both of us with hateful attitudes & feelings we have towards the human race, as write in candidates he Augustine as vice President, & me Buonaparte as President can positively prove we can stop all of the wars as well as the hot & heavy issues of today's world, but if we were to reveal what we call the master 5 year plan, it would cause financial shock waves similar to the ones your experiencing now & that would be unbelievably irresponsible to do such damages to an already ailing social order? it has to be applied with some small bit of secrecy along with juggling of information so the impact would in general be soft & successful for as much of the majority as possible, I would like to say everyone but realistically that's impossible, if people had the sincere quite time to think about the war in Iraq they might be able to read in between the lines but not one candidate has done what I'm about to do here in this speech, to reveal the real reasons for the war--- besides natural resources there are things a President finds out when their elected by the CIA,FBI,NSA, & a multitude of office managers that is in general OVERWHELMING! & they are sworn to the secrecy about the matter, so as not to alarm the general public, both private & business, but the public should be able to read between the lines of course you'll never be able to verify the discovery because of national security & the reasons listed above, with that finished I will tell you the media doesn't care about anyone, they sell interest in commercials & catered stories I could go on with more answers but it would never end so remember I'm going to be around to say I TOLD YOU SO!

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