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Coleman Campaign Again Calls on Franken and Others to Stop Negative Campaign Attacks


Location: St. Paul, MN


Despite Franken Radio Attack Ad Filled With Falsehoods, Coleman Remains Committed To Waging Positive, Issue Focused Campaign

Coleman for Senate Campaign Manager, Cullen Sheehan, repeated the Senator's call for an end to negative campaign attacks by all candidates and political committees.

"While our opponent continues to attack Senator Coleman personally, including on the radio with an ad that is both false and misleading, our campaign remains focused on a positive vision for the future. With the strong endorsement of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, and the news today that Senator Coleman received the endorsement of the Rochester Post Bulletin, it's clear that people have had enough of the negative attacks. We once again call on Mr. Franken, and those supporting him - as well as those supporting us - stop the negative attacks. End the personal attacks and the distortions. Enough is enough."

And, in a strongly worded email to NRSC Chair Senator John Ensign, Senator Norm Coleman condemned recent campaign literature being distributed by an independent group that uses his opponent's jokes about rape and child abuse.

In the email to Ensign last evening, Coleman stated:

"This morning, I was made aware of two matters which I bring your attention to for your consideration. The first is a direct mail piece distributed by an NRSC Independent Expenditure (IE) group. As the law clearly states, neither your, nor I can influence in any way the content or subject matter of campaign materials that are created by an IE group.

That being said, the piece itself is something that simply should have never made it to the mail. The direct mail piece, which comes in the form of something that looks like a comic book, focuses on Mr. Franken's repeated efforts at comedy using jokes about rape, child abuse and other degrading commentary during his career.

A piece of direct mail, dealing with this subject matter, that could be viewed as a comic book by children is something that is just not acceptable. I'm astonished that anyone would have used such poor judgment. There's no excuse for any effort to make a joke out of rape or child abuse—there's also no excuse for the type of direct mail piece that was sent to the people of my state.

It is my hope that you will make it clear, in whatever legal means are available to you, that such direct mail is unacceptable. And, if anymore remains to be mailed, that it be collected and destroyed."

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