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Issue Position: Second Amendment

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Only one candidate for Congress in Louisiana's Sixth District opposes the election of the "most anti-gun President in U.S. history". Don Cazayoux claims that he supports gun owners, but abandons them when he supports Barack Obama for President. The NRA is spending more that $10 million to defeat Obama, but Cazayoux has endorsed Obama for President.

Bill Cassidy will defend the Second Amendment rights of Louisiana citizens and supports the NRA's preferred candidate for President, John McCain. According to the NRA, Bill Cassidy is a "solidly pro-gun candidate" who has supported NRA positions on key votes in the Louisiana Legislature. The NRA gave Bill Cassidy an "A" rating, the highest rating earned by any Louisiana candidate for Congress.

Bill Cassidy agrees with the NRA, and :

· believes the Second Amendment guarantees law-abiding individuals the right to keep and bear arms;

· supports national Right-to-Carry reciprocity legislation;

· believes the federal government should not ban firearms;

· opposes reinstating the Clinton Gun Ban;

· opposes banning of ammunition magazines;

· opposes imposition of a new waiting period;

· opposes federal government maintaining records lawful gun buyers;

· opposes federal firearm licensing or registration;

· opposes "one-gun-a-month" restrictions;

· supports BATFE reform legislation;

· and opposes the election of the "most anti-gun President in US history".

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