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"No Energy" Energy Bill Passed by House Democrats


Location: Washington, DC

House Democrats are up to old Washington tricks. It began five weeks ago when they adjourned Congress without allowing serious debate on rising energy prices. Yesterday, they passed their "energy bill" that had billions of dollars in earmarks but no actual new American energy production in it! These political tactics only succeed in hurting the American people.

I rose yesterday on the House floor and spoke about the complete ridiculousness of this bill. Specifically, I called a Point of Order to challenge a $1.2 billion earmark that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) inserted for his district in New York City - an earmark that produces no new energy, yet still manages to raise your taxes. In another example of shady tactics, he added this tax-payer funded earmark without any notification to House Members and virtually no time to discuss it on the House floor.

House Democrats have neglected their responsibility to pass a comprehensive energy plan. They have offered no solutions to lower gas prices and have ignored the "all-of-the-above" proposals by House Republicans. Nonetheless, I will continue to fight to get Congress to work for the American people and pass meaningful legislation based on common-sense solutions. I spoke about energy and the economy last night on MSNBC with David Gregory.

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