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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Energy

With oil reaching $150 a barrel, Americans are getting hit increasingly hard at the pump and it's time for us to do something about it. That's why I announced a plan this week to provide immediate relief for North Mississippians facing skyrocketing gas prices and offer long-term solutions to resolve the country's energy crisis.

I have recently announced my six-point energy plan to address our skyrocketing energy costs. My plan provides both short term-relief to help North Mississippians cope with rising gas prices and long-term solutions to the nation's overall energy crisis.

In order to move a large portion of my energy plan into law, I have signed on as a co-sponsor to recently introduced legislation that aims to increase U.S. energy independence. The American-Made Energy Act of 2008 (H.R. 5437) was introduced last week and has already won considerable bipartisan support.

Like all Americans, North Mississippians are struggling to afford ever-increasing prices at the pump. The rising cost of gasoline is driving up the price of groceries and other necessities in what are already tough economic times. Right now, working people need immediate relief from increasing gas prices and a long-term energy strategy to get this country back on track. I am introducing a series of legislative measures to address these needs, and I'm proud to work with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to tackle these important issues.

The Childers Six-Point Energy Plan:

Immediate Relief

1. Stop Speculation and Price Gouging

Congressman Childers' first vote in the House of Representatives was to crack down on oil producers in the Middle East for price gouging Americans at the pump. He will continue to fight price manipulators who artificially drive up the cost of gasoline.

2. Provide Diesel Tax Credits

The price of diesel fuel is surpassing the already skyrocketing price of non-diesel fuels, and it's driving up the cost of everything else. Congressman Childers proposes a tax credit for farmers and truckers to offset costs, so that increased diesel prices aren't passed on to consumers at the store.

Long-Term Solutions

3. Expand Our Energy Supply

Congressman Childers strongly supports new oil drilling to help fight the high cost of gasoline in Mississippi. However, drilling alone will not solve our nation's dependence on foreign oil. We need to focus the majority of our resources on encouraging the oil industry to build more refineries.

4. Promote Conservation

Congressman Childers advocates tax credits for individuals who car pool and families that weather-proof their homes. By conserving energy sources we currently have and becoming a more energy-efficient society, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and combat high gas prices.

5. Invest in Alternative Energy Sources

The United States' agriculturally diverse resources, many of which are right here in Mississippi, provide ample opportunity to invest in research and development in alternative fuel sources. Production of non-fossil fuels is arguably the most effective way to promote energy independence at home.

6. Extend Hybrid Vehicle Tax Credits

Toyota recently announced the production of Prius hybrid vehicles at its Blue Springs plant. With today's rising gas prices, energy efficient vehicles are in increasing demand. Congressman Childers proposes extending tax credits to promote the purchase of hybrid vehicles, amplifying the positive effect of Prius production on conservation, employment opportunities, and job security in North Mississippi.

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