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House to Act on Comprehensive Energy Legislation Next Week

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

As the House prepares to act early next week on the Comprehensive American Energy Security & Consumer Protection Act, U.S. Rep. Kind today hailed the plan as a way for Democrats and Republicans to come together to forge a path to energy independence.

"Throughout August, I took an ‘Energy Tour' of western Wisconsin, and saw the types of renewable technologies being developed right in our backyards," Rep. Kind said. "I heard over and over from the families and businesses I visited that we need a comprehensive energy strategy, and this bill represents that strategy. It has it all: tremendous investments in renewable energy, increased domestic supply, and greater conservation. It will move us toward greater energy independence, and I look forward to supporting this historic legislation next week."

Among its provisions, the Comprehensive American Energy Security & Consumer Protection Act will:

* Invest in wind, solar, and natural gas through tax incentives and infrastructure development;
* Open up additional offshore areas for drilling;
* Release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve;
* Require that 15 percent of America's energy comes from renewable sources by 2020;
* End subsidies to the five largest oil companies; and
* Require oil companies to develop leases they already own or lose the opportunity.

"Our strategy must be comprehensive and must be bipartisan," Rep. Kind said. "I am hoping those who believe in a drill-only policy will recognize the wisdom in making these investments now to prevent a situation like this from happening again. It's time to come together on behalf of the American people."

The bill will build on the success of last year, when the Democratic Congress passed new fuel efficiency standards for cars in more than 30 years.

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