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Issue Position: Economic Policy

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Economic Policy

Travis Childers knows the value of hard work, and he understands what Mississippi families go through to make ends meet. Travis Childers has lived through tough times - he worked full time jobs through high school and college to help provide for his mother and sister after his father's death. Because of his own experience, Travis Childers vows to be a voice for middle-class Mississippi families in the uncertain economic times ahead.

As Congressman, Travis Childers will promote an economic agenda of:

Job Creation

Bringing good-paying jobs to North Mississippi will be a priority for Travis Childers as congressman, and he will work with Democrats and Republicans at all levels of government to bring jobs to this area. He knows what it takes to create jobs, because he has done so as a small businessman. As an active member and former president of his local economic development board, Travis Childers has played a direct role in bringing over a thousand new jobs to North Mississippi. Travis Childers will fight to enhance education and economic development in rural areas and small towns, creating jobs close to home so that young people don't have to leave the area to find good jobs.

Fair Trade

Travis Childers will fight foreign trade deals that send Mississippi jobs overseas.

Balanced Budgets & Fiscal Responsibility

Travis Childers has balanced budgets sixteen straight years as the financial officer of his county. In Congress, Childers will work with fiscally responsible Republicans and Democrats to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment and cut waste, abuse, and pork barrel spending. His will use common-sense experience to straighten out the mess in Washington. The 1990's proved that balanced budgets are good for the economy and financial markets. It's time we returned to fiscal responsibility.

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