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NY-21: Steck Pushes Single Payer Health Care; Says County Taxpayers Would Save Money

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NY-21: Steck Pushes Single Payer Health Care; Says County Taxpayers Would Save Money

by: robert.harding

One of the big issues that is being discussed in the 21st congressional district Democratic primary is health care. Two weeks ago, the candidates in this race debated about health care and discussed solutions to our health care problem. Phil Steck supports a single payer health care system. Today Steck held a single payer health care event in Troy to discuss his health care plan.

(Pictured from left: Dr. Paul Sorum (Chairman of the Capital District Chapter of Physicians for a National Health Plan), Troy City Councilman Ken Zalewski and Steck.)

Steck said that a national single-payer health care insurance program will eliminate that unfunded mandate. Single-payer, also called "Medicare for all," will eliminate the need for the Medicaid program and result in immediate property tax relief. The single-payer legislation currently in Congress, H.R. 676, includes a 7% payroll tax and a 1% income tax to pay for the program. The payroll tax would be far less expensive for most businesses than what they currently pay for employee insurance.

Steck said that single-payer is an efficient program because it works just like Medicare, which is a single-payer program for the elderly. Medicare spends $0.03 per dollar on administrative costs, while private HMOs might spend an overwhelming $0.40 per dollar on administration.

"We have a system just like this in the United States that has worked very well; it's called Medicare," added Steck. "Escalating health care costs are crippling our local economy, and are disastrous to small businesses and American companies competing globally. If we enact a single-payer system, the local property tax burden could be eliminated, or local governments could use that revenue for other pressing local needs."

This is a big issue for Steck and I know from talking with him last month that he is really focusing on this issue and pushing for single payer health care

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