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Kagen Lies In Latest Attack Ad

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Location: Green Bay, WI

Kagen Lies In Latest Attack Ad

Congressman Steve Kagen who once said: "You will not see a negative comment coming from Steve Kagen," (August 19, 2008 interview with WLUK TV) is running a new attack ad against John Gard that is demonstratively untrue.

Kagen's latest commercial, which includes another cartoonish-like depiction of Gard, claims Gard "supports privatizing Social Security." Unlike most charges in political advertising, Kagen's ad fails to cite any documentation backing up his claim.

Gard has repeatedly stated his opposition to privatizing Social Security in debates and on candidate questionnaires - including ones he submitted to AARP and the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans.

In a letter sent to Kagen, Gard asked that Kagen prove his charge or remove the ad from the air.

"In your latest attack ad against me you claim I support privatization of Social Security. Your commercial states this even though you heard me say at a recent debate that I oppose privatization of Social Security," wrote Gard. "Since your charge is inaccurate, it's not surprising that your ad fails to cite any documentation to prove your claim. I ask that you immediately take down your ad or provide documentation to prove your false claim."

Gard also asks Kagen to stick to the issues and quit the personal attacks.

"Your most recent ad is your latest effort to smear me in a cartoon-like fashion. I haven't run a single ad that attacks you in a similar manner. Instead, I've stuck to the important issues facing Northeast Wisconsin families and my differences with your voting record in Washington," wrote Gard. "I hope this latest ad isn't a signal from you that you intend to employ a win-at-all-costs strategy that ignores the truth. Please take down your untrue ad and let's have an honest debate over the next two weeks on the issues people care about."

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