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Statement On Jobless Claims


Location: Arlington, VA

Statement On Jobless Claims

Today, Senator John McCain issued the following statement concerning the increase in those claiming unemployment benefits:

"Today, we learned that another 478,000 Americans claimed unemployment benefits this week. Times are tough, and we need immediate action to take this economy in a new direction. Governor Palin and I will fight to reform Wall Street and Washington. We will make sure that bailout dollars are used to help deserving homeowners, stop the foreclosures and free-fall in housing prices, and make sure Americans can afford their house, pay their heat and drive their car. We will help the seniors and savers who have been damaged by the financial market meltdown. Our Jobs for America plan will create millions of new jobs. Barack Obama's only answer is to double-down on the Bush Administration's legacy of out-of-control spending, raise taxes on small businesses, impose mandates on employers, and raise trade barriers -- a time-proven recipe for turning tough economic times into terrible economic circumstances."

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