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No Drill, No Energy Bill

Location: Washington, DC

NO DRILL, NO ENERGY BILL -- (House of Representatives - September 16, 2008)

Mr. GOODLATTE. Mr. Speaker, when Speaker Pelosi said that an energy bill that included drilling would be a hoax, she knew what she was talking about.

Last night, in the dead of night, the Democratic leadership brought forward a no drill, no energy bill. That bill is a hoax on the American people, just as she said it would be. You can put lipstick on a no-drill, no-energy bill, but it's still a no-drill, no-energy bill.

I have introduced legislation, many others have, to allow the States to participate in drilling off their coasts. Their bill prohibits that.

We will see no drilling, we will see no oil production, no access to oil production in more than 90 percent of the areas where oil exists, and we should go after it. Nothing in this bill for nuclear power, nothing in this bill for coal-to-liquid technology, nothing in this bill for the American people, nothing in this bill for my constituents, nothing but a hoax on the American people.

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