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While Luetkemeyer to Fight Illegal Immigration, Baker Openly Supports It

Press Release

Location: Columbia, MO

While Luetkemeyer to Fight Illegal Immigration, Baker Openly Supports It

As a strong supporter of the rule of law, Blaine Luetkemeyer opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and backs securing our borders against illegal immigrants while Judy Baker has tried to hide the fact that she supports allowing immigrants into the country.

Baker's support for illegal immigration was exposed further this week with her appearance with Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin who sponsored legislation allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants attending taxpayer-financed colleges.

Baker voted in 2006 and 2008 to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country and attend Missouri universities including the University of Missouri-Columbia. Also in 2006, she was one of only 30 state representatives to vote against making English the official language of the government in Missouri.

Baker voted in 2006 against requiring universities to certify that they haven't admitted illegal aliens and just this year voted against prohibiting Missouri universities from admitting illegal immigrants.

"Our public colleges and universities are paid for by the taxpayers of this state and it is an insult to those taxpayers that Judy Baker would permit illegal immigrants to stay her illegally and take advantage of our education system that should be reserved for our students first," said Paul Sloca, spokesman for Blaine Luetkemeyer. "The people of the 9th District are not willing to allow illegal immigrants to drain our colleges and universities of resources at the expense of families who are paying to support these wonderful institutions, which proves again how out of touch Judy Baker is with our Main Street values."

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