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Issue Position: Energy Security and Independence Plan

Issue Position

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Energy independence is an economic security and national security issue.

We need a balanced plan that:

* Increases domestic energy supplies through drilling and building new refineries.
* Invests in clean, alternative fuels
* Improves our conservation to reduce American demand for fossil fuels

Increasing domestic energy supplies:

We know how to drill in environmentally safe ways, and the technologies are improving every day. Today, the only obstacle to increasing drilling offshore is a Congressional moratorium. No candidate can seriously claim to support increased drilling without supporting the lifting of the moratorium, and while I have called repeatedly for Congress to lift the drilling ban, my opponent has said she doesn't know how she would vote on it.

Working part and parcel with increased drilling is the need to build additional refineries in the United States. No new refinery has been built in America since 1976, and in the wake of fifty cent spikes in gas prices following Hurricane Ike, consumers recognize that we our paying a high price at the pump for our lack of refineries.

Investing in Alternative Energies:

My plan invests $100 billion of the revenue generated from the new offshore drilling into alternative energies over the next decade - a fiscally conservative approach to investing in the sustainable energies of tomorrow that costs nothing to taxpayers, yet adds two million green jobs to our American economy.

Improving Conservation:

We must not only address our nation's energy supply issues - we must also be vigilant to reduce energy demands in this country. My plan calls for increasing the miles per gallon (mpg) standard by 12 mpg on every car and truck in America over 6 years.

Only through a comprehensive and balanced energy plan -- one that embraces increased supplies through drilling and new refineries, invests in alternative and sustainable energies, and improves our conservation - can we end our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. My plan accomplishes this, without increasing spending and adding to our massive national debt.

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