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From Justice Edmunds


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From Justice Edmunds

Why does this judicial race matter to you? The straightforward answer is that your Supreme Court routinely addresses matters that affect you directly, such as taxation, annexation, education, and criminal law. Your interest in my campaign indicates that we share the common goal of ensuring that North Carolina's justice system is administered in a fair and principled manner and that we have the best and most sensible judges and justices on the bench.

I have travelled this state for years and have been told time and again by citizens that they want EXPERIENCE at the top of the justice system. A famous judge, Oliver Wendell Holmes, said it best when he wrote that "the life of the law has . . . been experience." A review of my work on both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals reveals a record of fairness, impartiality, hard work, and devotion to the rule of law.

Most folks understand that a seat on the Supreme Court is not an entry level position. We need judges who have established records demonstrating that they respect the Constitution and understand the role of the Court. We want justices who have never bent the law to satisfy their own preferences. We want justices who know what goes on in the real world. My ten-year record as an elected appellate judge shows that I fit this description. Furthermore, as a presidentially-appointed United States Attorney, a private practitioner, an assistant district attorney, and a line officer in the United States Navy, I learned that responsibility, integrity, and a strong work ethic are not just slogans, they are a way of life.

Not long ago, a supporter told me that "A vote for Edmunds is a vote for Experience. Tell people to remember ‘E for Experience! E for Excellence! E for Edmunds!' when they vote." I was pleased by her enthusiasm and believe that my track record over the last ten years on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and my decades of legal experience before that, make her comments ring true.

Every day, I look out from my office window in Raleigh and see the United States and North Carolina flags flying over the dome of the Capitol. This humbling and inspiring sight never fails to remind me that serving as one of your justices on your Supreme Court is an immense privilege. North Carolina is my home and I want to continue my service to the great citizens of this wonderful state.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please enjoy the website, meet my family, and read what others have to say. I hope you will join the many other North Carolinians who are supporting my campaign for reelection to our State's highest court.

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