Official Public Speech Regarding Alleged Presidents Race!!!

By:  HRM Caesar St Augustine De Buonaparte
Date: Oct. 22, 2008
Location: Unknown

Official Public Speech Regarding Alleged Presidents Race!!!

As the general public knows or should know there's more than 300 candidates listed in the federal election commission. The structure of the rules involving elections have the media only concentrating on only two,the rest are for entertainment purposes for the majority of the voting public which possess only about a 5th. grade mentality & though they're registered to VOTE? , An OLD ANTIQUATED WAY THROUGH THE ELECTORIAL PROCESS IS HOW IT WILL BE DETERMINED. The next lines you are about to read will show a HATRED that has been fueled by your self proclaimed civilized social order & that hatred will never die to our dieing days & very small amount of information here can not make any people completely aware of how many damages have & are still being done to me & the few people who know me. Only through a book can this be accomplished, sadly the 5th. mentality of the majority of the voters won't read this or even care to know that some few very bright people, (unknown numbers) are systematically being attacked & kept financially poor by these forces,who are so afraid of what will happen if highly evolved people like myself grab successfully the reins of authority to set the constant usurpations to rest once and for all .The NEW WORLD ORDER "ie" Bilderberg, Trilateral, & other rich money interest have had unbelievable even radical interest to control freedom because they have brainwashed themselves in practising that they know what's good for us & no person will ever be allowed to rock their boat or destabilize their money regime, anyone who does will get their brains blown out in a presidential motorcade, get booted out of the white house by a water gate incident,Iran contra affair,whitewater & other highly controlled attacks,no one is immune even if it means setting wheels in motion that murder people all over the world, in WAG THE DOG WARS & police actions. In my example they have censored me from Both national & international attention because of my highly evolved supreme state of mind, the spy networks have my psychological profile kept under warps by a combination of censorship, national security guide lines, & other ways,while they extract information from me using methods of sophisticated forms of both public & secret harassment by federal,state, & local COLOR OF LAW USES. Hit,extract, then run tactics, the MEDIA is a party to all this as well. A good example My Ambassador was attacked to the point of having his young son taken from him by Los Angeles dept. of child services fabricating & doing severe emotional damages to his relationship to his 3 years old who is now 7. Many authorities have attacked so many of my people that we are all alone now separated by fear, great anger, & even greater & immense hate that will never go away, Now this is what we have become, Every time great catastrophes happen especially when authority figures die we REJOICE in their death When tax paying Americans collectively keep paying taxes knowing their money murders people then proclaim freedom, liberty, & justice WE JUST THROW UP! WE HOPE ALL YOU CHICKEN IDIOT CITIZENS GET yours when your times come,when there are terrible events we won't help.If it were known we could help we wouldn't, we know how to Stop Tornadoes,Hurricanes, Terrorist actions,floods, WE even know how to stop tsunami's & WE knew how to help stop or slow down Global warming for more than 20 years, we know how to win a war without anyone getting hurt or killed, the list is endless, but the new world order has to have these short of miraculous events under their control, & just who are they to tell our free minds when we can help, now you all get nothing, when that big meteor gets here the world will know, but it won't matter by then because not enough people know about us because of the Media blackout of our evolved state of being, So go a head vote for those hypocrites,both Obama & MaCain are just as guilty of killing children as the general public that pays taxes believing that if they don't,the MAN will come & put them in jail? If every one who really is against the war in Iraq could hear on national radio & television,cable stop giving the taxes to the government the war would stop & neither Obama ( who said he was against the war from the start) could have stuck his neck out gotten his preacher to help get the protest message out it would have made a huge dent in the money operations of the war, but he didn't), or MaCain who Napalmed untold numbers of men women & children during Vietnam! Now WHO DO YOU REALLY WANT IN THE HYPOCRITICAL WHITE HOUSE,SENATE,
CONGRESS, & who ever else? Look in the mirror to see your
hypocrisy, if you have children how can you look into their sweet faces & contribute to the wholesale slaughter of other peoples innocent children?. you should should be crying 24 hours a day at yourself, but no you will find a false rational to comfort yourself. while we suffer repeated attacks silently & if the media did pay any attention they would portray us as person with mental conditions, sorry we're not but you are! these are simple facts not jokes or entertainment . Sincerely;

HRMS Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor & True
Continuing President of the USA since Oct. 1996 & if there is a
GOD may God have NO MERCY NO YOUR SOLES. Oct.22,2008

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