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Bradley Tells Voters He Has Answers On Economy


Location: Manchester, NH

Bradley Tells Voters He Has Answers On Economy

Republican Jeb Bradley said that he wants people to know that he understands New Hampshire, as he campaigns to reclaim the seat he lost to U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter."I've spent the last two years talking to people and listening to what's on their minds," Bradley said.Speaking to voters on the street in Manchester, Bradley was mostly asked about the economy. He said that he has ideas on how to fix the problems facing the country.
"I know what it's going to take to get our economy back on track," Bradley said. "It's going to take lower health care costs, and it cannot be that we raise taxes on working Americans."Potential voters asked why the country doesn't push for more investment in American companies and how lawmakers can turn things around."We clearly have got to stabilize the housing market," Bradley said. "That should be front and center. This is the wrong time to be raising taxes. which a lot of people seem to want to do."

Bradley said that he's the strong candidate in the race because he plans to reduce taxes. Voter Robert White, of Manchester, wondered about the economy and also how to heat homes."It's getting cold now here in New England," White said. "What's going to happen in three months in January when we're in a deep freeze?""I'm going to go to Washington and drill where there's oil. That'll produce more. That'll lower the cost," Bradley said. "It will make us less dependent on a lot of nations that don't hate us, and it's going to mean that all the rest of us here in New Hampshire are going to be able to heat our homes this winter."Bradley said that if he gets elected, it will be easy for people to get in touch with him about their concerns."If you remember when I was in Congress, my business card had my cell phone number on it," Bradley said. "You could call me any time to tell me what was on your mind, and I think that's the most important thing here."

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