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Fosters - Veterans For Jeb Kick-Off

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Location: Portsmouth, NH

Fosters - Veterans For Jeb Kick-Off

Jeb Bradley stumps at Albacore Park for veterans' votes


In an effort to reach out to local veterans and their families, U.S. congressional candidate Jeb Bradley rallied the troops Monday afternoon with a family barbecue at Albacore Park.

Despite the wet conditions, Bradley along with a handful of his constituent hopefuls, huddled beneath a small tree at the state park, not only enjoying a few burgers and refreshments, but also spreading the word on his continued support for veterans.

"It doesn't matter how hard it's raining," Bradley told his followers as the rain continued to fall.

The former congressman toured the state Monday, here as well as in Rochester, Manchester and Londonderry, in hopes of retaking the First District seat he lost in 2006.

In front of the many veterans he deemed "intrepid souls," Bradley announced his plan to fight for their benefits and ensure them support from the Legislature.

"I'll not only talk the talk, but I'll walk the walk when it comes to veterans," said Bradley.

Whether it be those currently serving or those who have already given their time to the U.S. military, Bradley said he'll continue to fight for them and ensure their safety while in harm's way.

Bradley referenced his past support of the creation of the Somersworth Outpatient Clinic as well as the emergency room at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Manchester and said he'll continue to advocate similar benefits if elected.

"They expect someone who will stand behind the troops that are in harm's way, as well as fight for the veterans' health care system," he said.

Vietnam veteran Roland Patnode was on hand Monday afternoon and said his longtime friend's return to Congress "has been a long time coming."

"The veterans need him back," said Patnode.

Capt. Ed Johnson of the Pease Greeters was also on hand for the event and said Bradley is the right person for the job when it comes to supporting veterans.

"He's got the know-how to courageously defend troops both past and present," said Johnson.

Despite the rain, Bradley stood his followers and not only listened to their stories, but took note of their concerns.

With a summer full of campaigning ahead of him, Bradley said he looks forward to bringing his grassroots platform to each of the 80 communities he hopes to represent.

"The sun's going to shine on November 4th," he asserted.

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