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Nick Jordan's Statement on Dennis Moore's Bail Out


Location: Overland Park, KS

Nick Jordan's statement on Dennis Moore's Bail Out.

3rd Congressional District Candidate Nick Jordan spoke today about Dennis Moore's vote to have hardworking responsible Kansas families pay for the mistakes of Washington and Wall Street:

"Today, Dennis Moore forgot his Kansas roots and acted like the Washington insider and member of the broken Congress that he is. Kansas families and all responsible hard working Americans were told they have to bail out the mistakes of Congress and failed financial institutions. Dennis was the only member of the Kansas Congressional Delegation, which includes fellow Kansas Democrat Nancy Boyda, who voted for the $700 billion bailout and this shows just how out of touch Dennis is with the people of Kansas.

The bill passed today does not offer enough accountability or critical reforms to deal with the fundamental problems that got us in this mess and American taxpayers should not bare the full burden of rescuing failed financial institutions and Wall Street high rollers. Furthermore, it's loaded up with pork barrel earmarks. It's completely wrong for Congress to be spending millions of dollars toward ridiculous pet projects like wool research, incentives for makers of wooden arrows, money for auto racing tracks, and other unwarranted spending at a time when we are addressing the economic crisis facing America.

Whether it's the financial crisis or the energy crisis, Dennis Moore and Congress seem shocked to see flames engulfing our economy, after years of playing with matches.

This was a vote to fix the mistakes of Congress and the House Financial Services Committee, which Dennis Moore has been a part of for the last ten years. This Committee is charged with the important duty of overseeing financial institutions like Freddie Mae & Fannie Mac and instead of being good stewards the Committee pushed Fannie & Freddie to increase toxic high risk loans, which are the central cause of our current economic mess.

To make matters worse, Dennis Moore has received over a million dollars from financial institutions, and over $30,000 from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac alone. In fact, Moore has taken more contributions from Freddie Mac than the entire Kansas Congressional Delegation combined. That just doesn't seem right.

Every American who has played it safe and smart to avoid debt is being asked to spend the rest of his or her life paying off the debts of Washington and Wall Street. This bill nationalizes an entire sector of our economy, giving an incompetent government an unprecedented amount of control. American taxpayers shouldn't have to clean up a mess they didn't create.

So if you're happy with an incompetent government that has caused serious damage to our economy, then by all means, vote for Dennis Moore. But, if you are ready for wholesale change in Washington, ready to wake up a broken system in Congress, then vote for me, Nick Jordan." - Nick Jordan

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