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Issue Position: Supporting Our Troops

Issue Position


As part of this effort, Congressman Loebsack has toured medical care facilities in the military health care system, and has personally reviewed the level of care provided at every step from the battlefield through the VA system. As part of the Congressman's commitment to providing the support and treatment necessary to members of our armed services, he has worked with his colleagues on the following pieces of legislation:

Military Pain Care Act, H.R. 5465, Congressman Loebsack authored this legislation to ensure all service members have access to proper pain care management by requiring the Department of Defense to implement a well-defined and comprehensive pain management program for all active service members in the military health system. Key portions of this legislation were included in the FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Bill.

Wounded Warrior Act, H.R. 1538, immediately responds to the Walter Reed scandal by improving the care of injured soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

FY 2008 Defense Appropriations, H.R. 3222, includes numerous provisions that strengthen America's military, including investing in improved military readiness; providing the National Guard and Reserve with much needed equipment; funding a 3.5% military pay raise, larger than the President's; upgrading military health care; and providing more support for military families.

Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act (HEART Act), H.R. 6081, provides tax relief for military families and veterans through $1.2 billion in targeted tax breaks to military personnel and their families, including tax relief under the Earned Income Tax Credit. The legislation also clarifies the availability of recovery rebates for military families, and expands homeownership opportunities for veterans.

HEROES Act, H.R. 3625, provides greater access to higher education for U.S. Troops. The bill makes permanent the Secretary of Education's authority to provide U.S. troops called to active duty with higher education relief, including providing them more leeway on repaying their student loans.

FY 2009 Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 5658, contains numerous provisions to help restore our nation's military readiness; provides additional equipment to protect our troops in harm's way; provides a 3.9% military pay raises; and contains provisions to reform military contracting.

Veterans' Guaranteed Bonus Act, H.R. 3793, provides bonuses for wounded U.S. servicmembers and fully addresses the military bonus problems highlighted by the Dole-Shalala Commission in order to provide essential financial security to our wounded servicemen and women by guaranteeing full payment of bonuses earned and owed to them.

National Guard and Reservists Debt Relief Act, H.R. 4044, makes it easier for members of the National Guard and Reserves called up for active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, who are often required to leave their jobs and small businesses behind, to file for bankruptcy.

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