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Issue Position: Families - Education

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As the husband of a longtime Iowa teacher, I realize how important education is in the life of a successful individual and value the work that goes into giving our children the best foundation possible. I also fully believe that the United States cannot continue to maintain its status as a world economic power if it does not continue to produce an educated workforce.

Many educators and parents in Iowa are concerned about the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on Iowa's education system. The passage of the law was intended to bring about greater national educational accountability, which is long overdue. However, ample evidence exists that the federal government's tremendous financial commitment to education funding has not produced a significant improvement in results in student achievement in education.

I do not support No Child Left Behind, because Iowa does not need federal mandates to improve its education; Iowa already has one of the finest education system and the most devoted, caring educators in the nation. Time and time again, Iowa students have reaffirmed my beliefs through superior academic performance. Such a fine education system should serve as a model for other state education systems and not be subjected to the same requirements as failing state systems. Furthermore, we should strive to reduce the role of the federal government while increasing the role of the states in education policy.

How Will You Pay for College? College tuition rises year after year, and it becomes more and more difficult for Americans to provide themselves or their children with a quality college education.

Throughout my time in Congress I have worked to ensure that American students have access to a quality college education that will equip them for a life of professional success, and I will continue to do so.

Congressional Youth Advisory Board Would you like to be part of a dynamic group of young Iowans, serving as a representative for your peers, and work with me on issues that affect the youth of our state?

I am calling for interested high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have an interest in being part of the civic process, to join me on the first-ever Congressional Youth Advisory Board for the Fifth District.

We will meet to discuss issues that matter to you. Come with ideas, because we're going to get creative to solve some of the issues important to Western Iowa.

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