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Issue Position: Energy - Domestic Oil Supply

Issue Position


Farmers utilize diesel and gasoline to operate their equipment and transport their product. Farmers have had to tighten their belts as prices have increased. Therefore, I am in strong support of energy policy that allows for exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), which will allow for more domestic supply of oil.

The U.S. imports almost two-thirds of its oil. ANWR holds an estimated 10.3 billion barrels of oil. That's enough to increase domestic production by 20% by 2025. Twenty-six years ago, Congress excluded the oil-rich portion on ANWR from oil production.

I have had the opportunity to investigate the landscape and the wildlife in ANWR. Production would occur on just 2000 acres, which is 0.01% of the region. We have proven right next door on the north slope that we can develop oil fields with little impact on wildlife. (photo?)

We can't wait a minute longer. In Congress, I've been making sure my colleagues know how vital this opportunity is to relieve Americans from high gas prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil safely and responsibly.

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