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Coleman Wins Another Debate as He Brings the Hope Express Across Minnesota


Location: Duluth, MN


With momentum building as he travels from city to city sharing his positive vision rooted in hope and confidence, Senator Coleman tonight won the latest debate. The Senator kept a positive tone and laid out his vision for where he hopes to take Minnesotans in the next six years.

Senator Coleman's remarks tonight can be summed up best here:

"In these challenging times some people want to ask ‘Who should we blame?' I think the better question is ‘Who's best at fixing it?' They said we couldn't lower prescription drug costs for seniors. I said we could -- and we got it done. They said we couldn't pass an energy bill that would unleash the power of renewables and nuclear energy, and I helped get it done. And now they say that the only way to fix the economy is to raise taxes and raise spending. I said no then, and I say no now," said Senator Coleman in the debate. "Again and again, I have taken on the lobbyists, the special interests, and the pessimists. I took on big oil to give their tax breaks to Minnesota renewables. I took on big insurance by insisting that no one is uninsurable - and by mandating coverage for mental illness and kids with facial deformities. And I showed servant leadership, helping 250 families adopt kids from abroad, 3,000 folks get passports and more than 13,000 Minnesotans battle the federal bureaucracy—that's about one constituent case per MN lake. So I ask you: Do you believe government needs to live within its means? That's my record, identifying $80 billion in waste, fraud and abuse. Do you believe every Minnesotan should have affordable heath care, without a government bureaucrat running it? That's my record and in my next term we'll achieve it. Do you believe General Petraeus has a better plan in Iraq and Afghanistan than That's my record: working for victory, not surrender. Friends, fifteen years ago I ran for mayor of St. Paul and said our best days are yet to come. We came together, we made it happen. That's my record -- fighting for the hardworking middle class, bringing people together and getting something done. So I'm asking you to join me, Republicans, Democrats and Independents: as patriots, not partisans, we can fix this. I'm listening. I hear you. Let's get it done."

The Hope Express Tour continues tomorrow with stops in Cloquet, Hinckley, Mora, St. Cloud, Elk River and Rogers.

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