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Issue Position: The Environment

Issue Position


"We must be good stewards of the land for we have a responsibility to future generations to safeguard our natural resources so that they may enjoy them as we have."

Congressman Boswell is a strong supporter of conservation and the environment. As a life-long farmer he understands first hand the necessity for good stewardship practices.

As a strong champion of the environment Congressman Boswell supports the Climate Stewardship Act and the Safe Climate Act. Both pieces of legislation would provide an excellent path to encourage the development of emissions and energy technologies that will help reduce pollutants in the air, and will take steps to begin to reverse the effects of global climate change.

Boswell also supports tax incentives to farmer and ranchers, homeowners, and businesses who are dedicated to good environmental practices and encourages planting more trees, plants and bushes which naturally sequester carbon dioxide.

Because global climate change is an issue that requires immediate attention, Congressman Boswell continues to fight for an energy efficient and environmentally responsible economy.

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