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Gary Miller Represents the Businesses with Big PACs, Not the People!

Press Release

Location: Rowland Heights, CA

Gary Miller represents the businesses with big PACs, not the people!

Gary Miller's record is absolutely clear on this issue…

Gary Miller's ideas on fixing the economy and the government bailout proposal can be summed up in a quote he gave to the OC Register this week: "The idea is to create a bottom… We need to create some stability in the marketplace."

One thing is clear from the quote - Congressman Miller has no idea what he's talking about.

Congressman Miller doesn't want his constituents to know the truth - his campaign is being funded by the same people the government is bailing out. Three of Congressman Miller's top five contributors this cycle are Fannie Mae, National Association of Homebuilders and National Association of Realtors. In fact, during this campaign cycle, Gary Miller has received more donations from PACs than he has from individual contributors.

Also, Gary Miller does not want the people to know about the two alleged corruption scandals surrounding him now, the Land Deals Scandal and the Tollway Bonds Scandal. Helping himself first, his business friends with large PACs second appears to be his pattern. Does he ever get time to think about the working families? Apparently not.

Since Gary Miller is taking more money from PACs than from his constituents, the question needs to be asked - "Who does Gary Miller work for?"

A glance through his voting record should provide the answer.

Congressman Miller voted:

* Against a bill to end tax subsidies for oil and gas companies.
* Against protecting consumers from price gouging of gasoline.
* Against a bill to prevent excessive speculative trading in the oil market.

It's clear Congressman Miller is loyal to companies, but is he equally as loyal to hard working individuals and families?
Absolutely not.

Congressman Miller voted:

* Against children's healthcare.
* Against establishing efficient systems to allow workers to organize.
* Against Federal Minimum Wage increases.
* Against funding for Headstart as well as the Department of Education.
* Against stem cell research.

"Congressman Miller has a record of representing companies and PACs instead of his constituents. With the second highest foreclosure rate in the country, the state of California needs a Congressman who makes constituents the priority," said Ed Chau, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress challenging Gary Miller in California's 42nd District.

Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic Nominee for Congress who will fight to end the war in Iraq, strongly support working families and fight hard to bring ethics and integrity to the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at

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