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Gary Miller's Record on Working Families is Disastrous…

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Gary Miller's record on working families is disastrous…

The Associated Press, last week, reported that the current unemployment rate- 6.1 percent (a five year high) is expected to reach 7 or 7.5 percent by the end of next year - the highest rate since 1990.
During Gary Miller's tenure as congressman, he has voted:

* Against Federal Minimum Wage Increases
* Against establishing an efficient system to allow employees to organize
* Against aid for workers who lose their jobs, hours or wages due to increased imports
* Against healthcare insurance for children
* Against a bill to set the safety standards for certain work environments

Congressman Miller's voting record is that of someone who does not understand American Workers or productivity. People cannot be productive in environments that are detrimental to their health, where they are being discriminated against, or where they are the victims of unfair or illegal labor practices. Families cannot survive when parents need to take several jobs each to make ends meet.

Congressman Gary Miller cannot be an effective leader on jobs and the economy for our district when he is involved in two alleged corruption scandals involving land deals and tollway bonds.
As Congressman, Ed Chau would look out for and defend the rights of working families in the United States and California's 42nd district. In addition to supporting family friendly legislation, Ed Chau will form a Jobs Creation Leadership Team - comprised of labor, community and business leaders.

"When elected to the U.S. Congress I will develop a Jobs Creation Leadership Team in my district and bring Labor Leaders, Community Leaders and Business Leaders together to plan for the future and create good paying jobs in California's 42nd Congressional District," said Ed Chau, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress challenging Gary Miller in California's 42nd District.

Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic Nominee for Congress who will fight to end the war in Iraq, strongly support working families and fight hard to bring ethics and integrity to the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at

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