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Congressman Gary Miller: Tax & Spender, Alleged Corruption, George W. Bush Rubber-Stamp

Press Release

Location: Rowland Heights, CA

Congressman Gary Miller: Tax & Spender, Alleged Corruption, George W. Bush Rubber-Stamp

Re-Elect Congressman Gary Miller: Why?

Ed Chau, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress, leveled his sharpest attacks against Gary Miller today. Congressman Gary Miller has failed the people of California's 42nd District. Ed Chau pointed to three pieces of evidence why voters should not re-elect Gary Miller:

1. Out of control spending: The highest spending rate and national debt in America's history and an economy in crisis. (The Republican Leadership has in fact given us the biggest tax increase in America's history. When George W. Bush and Gary Miller spend our hard earned money and bail out their wealthy friends, we pay more taxes.)

2. Alleged corruption scandals involving land deals and tollway bonds: The organization, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (C.R.E.W.), named Gary Miller as one of the most corrupt Congressmen in America in 2006, 2007, and 2008. /

3. Gary Miller has rubber-stamped the failed policies of President George W. Bush by voting with him over 95% of the time.
Recent polling has indicated that if the voters know about the alleged scandals that Gary Miller is involved with, and his rubber-stamping of George W. Bush's failed policies, they would vote for Ed Chau, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress challenging him. In an informed head-to-head, Ed Chau takes the lead, Chau 44%, Miller 38%, undecided 18%.

"I will work hard to restore ethics and integrity in the U.S. Congress and I will vote for sound fiscal economic policies that help the working families of California's 42nd District and America," said Ed Chau.

Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic Nominee for Congress who will fight to end the war in Iraq, strongly support working families and fight hard to bring ethics and integrity to the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at

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