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ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript


Location: Unknown

MS. SAWYER: Well, what do both sides think about their candidates' performances? You know they go out after the debates to talk about the strong points on each side.

We're going to begin with vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, who made a reference to the question raised about people who make more than $250,000 by the now-famous Joe the Plumber.

SEN. BIDEN: We're worried about Joe the guy who owns the gas station, the barber, the grocer. Ninety-eight percent of the small- business people in America make less than $250,000 a year, and they're going to get a real break under our plan.

And Joe the Plumber who's making over $250,000 is not going to get any more additional tax cuts with us.

MS. SAWYER: I did want to ask you about one thing that Senator McCain said tonight. He started out right at the beginning and he said, look, I am not George Bush. And he said to Senator Obama, if you wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago.

Is he right?

SEN. BIDEN: No. And look, on the critical issues -- on taxation, on health care, on education, on jobs, on the basics of the economy -- there's not one fundamental difference John McCain has with George Bush.

MS. SAWYER: I am sure that you believe Senator Obama had the best night, but are you willing to say that this was Senator McCain's best night of the debates?

SEN. BIDEN: Yeah. I think it was -- I think John was better tonight than he has been in the last two nights, particularly in the beginning.

But he seemed to get more angry as he went on, and he seemed to focus more, in response, on attacks. I mean, everything Barack would say, he'd come back with an attack instead of -- not everything, but -- rather than explaining his program. And he would interrupt in a way that I found a little unusual.

But no, I think John did -- I think John did a little better than he did in the first two. I agree with that.

MS. SAWYER: Well, Senator Biden, thank you again so much for being with us.

SEN. BIDEN: Thanks. Appreciate it. Thank you.

MS. SAWYER: And by the way, we want to point out that we asked for McCain vice presidential candidate, Governor Palin, to speak with us, but the McCain camp declined to have her do so.

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