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Activist Cindy Sheehan Rips Pelosi on Economic Bailout


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Activist Cindy Sheehan Rips Pelosi On Economic Bailout

Cindy Sheehan, the well-known anti-war activist who is now an opponent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's re-election, is criticizing Pelosi for her support of an economic bailout.

"My opponent Nancy Pelosi works for the corporate interests. She put this bill forward and voted against the will of her district," says Sheehan, who first gained fame for camping near President Bush's Texas ranch to protest the war after her son died in combat. "Thankfully my opponent wasn't able to get the votes she needed in her own House to get it to pass. I am heartened that 'We the People' won the first round in the corporate bailout of irresponsible and greedy bankers."

The $700 billion proposed bailout which was defeated in the House this week would have cost each American more than $2,300 in terms of taxes, Sheehan says in a statement.

Sheehan says she supports "a progressive and comprehensive 'bottom up' plan that gets to the heart of the economic crisis and addresses the needs of everyday Americans struggling to make ends meet."

Since giving up her anti-war vigil, Sheehan has moved to Pelosi's California congressional district to run against Pelosi, after Sheehan said Pelosi wasn't strong enough in ending the war.

Pelosi has supported a rescue package, albeit it one different than that initially proposed by President Bush. Pelosi tried unsuccessfully to get more Democrats to approve the bailout in the House vote, where the bailout failed on a 205-228 margin. Other top congressional leaders, in both the House and Senate, also support a bailout plan.

Pelosi and other congressional Democrats have also been calling for a new, separate economic stimulus package to help Americans during the economic turmoil, such as aid with mortgages, foreclosures, unemployment benefits and more.

Pelosi says she is continuing to work toward approval of a bailout package quickly, even as the legislation has now moved to the Senate.

"House Democrats remain strongly committed to a comprehensive bill that stabilizes the financial markets, restores confidence, and protects taxpayers, and we hope Congress can agree on legislation in the very near future," she says.

Sheehan has accused Pelosi of a conflict-of-interest due the stock Pelosi owns.

Sheehan cites a soon-to-be released Zogby poll finding that nearly 41 percent of registered voters in Pelosi's 8th Congressional District think that they now are worse off financially than they were two years ago. Some 43 percent oppose the federal government's earlier $85 billion bailout of AIG, Sheehan adds.

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