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Cindy Sheehan Calls on Voters to Send Loud Message to Congress: 'Where's Our Bailout?'

Press Release

Location: San Francisco, CA

Cindy Sheehan Calls on Voters to Send Loud Message to Congress: 'Where's Our Bailout?'

Decries Pelosi's conflict of interest, investment in American International Group (AIG)

Today, Cindy Sheehan, candidate for Congress, called for a progressive response to the current economic crisis and urged Americans across the country to oppose the staggering $700 billion proposed "bailout for Corporate America." The proposed plan would cost each and every American more than $2,300.
"This massive bailout is nothing short of a scheme by irresponsible corporate pirates to privatize gains and socialize debt," Sheehan said. "Such a move will only further add to the burden of individuals and families, who are already struggling to make ends meet. Not one of our tax dollars should go toward rescuing an industry that is failing because of unregulated lending and trading practices."

In issuing the call, Sheehan pointed out a clear conflict of interest on the part of her opponent, Nancy Pelosi (D-SF), and other members of the Democratic Party leadership pushing the corporate bailout forward. Pelosi is one of more than 50 members of Congress with investments in the companies embroiled in the current financial quagmire.

"My opponent has half a million dollars in stock invested in AIG alone, which is included in this so-called bailout," said Sheehan. "We need elected officials who will stand up for our interests, not protect their own pockets or the pockets of the very same people who got us into this mess in the first place."
A soon-to-be released Zogby poll found that nearly 41% of registered voters in California's 8th Congressional District think that they now are worse off financially than they were two years ago. Forty-three percent oppose the federal government's $85 billion bailout for AIG. The poll, conducted from September 24 through September 25, has a margin of error of +/- 5.0 percentage points.

Instead of robbing taxpayers, Sheehan is demanding that Congress institute a personal bottom-up bailout plan for everyday Americans. To that end, Sheehan for Congress is offering several platforms where people can get their voices heard and send a strong message to Pelosi.

On Thursday, September 25, more than 150 protesters answered Sheehan's call to action at the San Francisco Federal Reserve building. Waiving past-due mortgage, rent and utilities, student loan, medical and credit card bills, the protesters joined Sheehan in urging that Congress bail out hard-working men and women by paying their accumulated personal debt.

Sheehan for Congress has also set up an electronic form on their web site,, where people can enter their estimated total debt. The campaign will then present Pelosi with the accumulated bill.
"We are tired of giving golden parachutes to greedy corporate interests," said Sheehan. "We're standing up and saying, 'Not this time, not with my money and not with my consent.'"
SOURCE Sheehan for Congress

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