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Jay Love Signs "Promise to Seniors" on Social Security

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

Jay Love Signs "Promise to Seniors" on Social Security

Jay Love, Republican nominee for the 2nd Congressional District of Alabama, today signed a Social Security "Promise to Seniors." In the promise, he commits to protect Social Security by opposing any Congressional efforts to reduce benefits, privatize the program, increase taxes on benefits or raise the age of eligibility.

Love signed his promise during a meeting of Chapter 92 of the National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees at the Crump Community Center in Montgomery. Love also visited a meeting of the Alabama Retired State Employees Association to share his public commitment with its members and answer questions about how the current economy affects retirees.

"Social Security represents a promise made to the people of this nation who work hard their entire lives so they can enjoy their retirement," Love said. "It's a promise that must be kept. I wanted to do this publicly to make sure the people of this district know that I will actively oppose any and all efforts that would hurt those retirees currently relying on Social Security and all of us who will follow them."

Love continued, "The economic turmoil of the last several weeks has demonstrated how much volatility there can be in the financial markets. Some have said we should cast our lots with the market by privatizing Social Security, but I will never gamble with the well being of so many who count on that support. Social Security was created to provide a stable, dependable retirement for those paying into the system. I believe that relying solely on the financial markets is a risky proposition and I'm not willing to take that chance with someone's retirement."

In the Promise, Love pledges to "oppose any and all efforts to reduce Social Security benefits; oppose any efforts to privatize Social Security benefits; oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes on Social Security benefits; and oppose any and all efforts to raise the eligibility age to receive Social Security benefits."

"It seems that we're quick to forget our promises when the going gets a little tough," Love concluded. "There's no doubt that Social Security needs to be fixed to ensure full benefits for future retirees. But cutting or taxing benefits would be breaking a promise, and that's wrong. Every month, people walk out to the mailbox looking for a check. But that check is more than government paper. It's a commitment we have to the generations that came before and took care of us that we will take care of them. As your Congressman, I'll fight everyday to make sure that mailbox isn't empty."

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