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Jay Love Responds to Personal Attack

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

Jay Love Responds to Personal Attack

State Rep. Jay Love today responded to the recent decision by his Democratic opponent Bobby Bright to unleash a public and personal attack against him in the race for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District.

The attack came in Bright's latest television ad, which is currently airing in the Dothan and Montgomery media markets. The ad features Bright looking straight into the camera saying, "For some people, Christian conservative values are just words. You know, they're more than just words to me." It can be viewed at

Love has emphasized throughout the campaign that he would represent "Christian conservative values" in Congress. Bright's verbatim use of the phrase to condemn "some people" was clearly pointed at Love.

Love said the comment shows a desperate attempt by Bright to attack his character and distract voters from the real issues facing the nation.

"It's sad," said Love. "When Mayor Bright had so much to say about running a clean campaign, I guess I took him at his word. To see him look right into that camera and imply that my faith and values are not sincere tells me exactly what that word is worth. It's just desperate and it's disappointing too. You know, we knew the attacks were coming from the national democrats, and that's bad enough. But to see my opponent get down in the mud himself is embarrassing and I wish it hadn't come to this."

In July, Bright made a public spectacle of his "Campaign
Pledge," in which he promised to run a clean campaign. He also ran a television ad touting his commitment to refrain from personal attacks, saying his mother properly raised him.

From Bright's "Campaign Pledge":

"I will…

REFUSE TO defame the character of my opponent, his personal religious beliefs, political party affiliation, or to condone the actions of those who do;

DISAVOW PUBLICLY any material and advertising that are not factually accurate or that fail to disclose the identity behind such campaign activities and the source of funding;"


Love campaign spokesman Todd Stacy said the decision by Bright to launch such a pointed and personal accusation at Love reeks of hypocrisy and is a clear breach of his own pledge to voters.

"Mayor Bright has crossed the line," said Stacy. "It's bad enough to judge someone's religious conviction. But to do it after specifically saying you wouldn't is unbelievable. Our campaign ads have at times pointed out serious differences between the candidates, but it has always been based on issues and the direction of leadership for this country. I mean, not supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin doesn't make you a bad person. This was personal and it was wrong."

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