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Bright Wrong on Taxes

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Location: Montgomery, AL

Bright Wrong on Taxes

Democratic Congressional Candidate Bobby Bright on Saturday concurred with Democrat teammate and presidential nominee Barack Obama's plan to raise investment taxes at a time when the nation's economy is reeling from financial uncertainty in the markets.

In a questionnaire from The Dothan Eagle, Bright and Republican candidate Jay Love were asked if they agreed with Obama's plan to eliminate taxes for seniors with an income of less than $50,000 a year. However, Obama's plan comes with a catch: to pay for the tax cut for seniors, he would almost double the capital gains tax, raising it from 15 to 28 percent.

Bright's answer to the Eagle:

"Absolutely. Respect for my elders was one of the first lessons I learned growing up in Dale County, and unfortunately, it's a lesson that isn't taught nearly enough today. I am in favor of taking measures to ensure the financial stability of our seniors, and tax cuts are certainly one of those measures. They should not have to choose between heating their homes and taking their medications." The Dothan Eagle, Taxing Seniors Less? Love, Bright
Respond, 9-20-08,

While Bright's response was typically touching and lacking in substance, it revealed his intention to go along with Obama and the rest of the Democrats' plan to raise taxes at a time when the economy is more unstable that it has been in decades. Responding to the same question, Love said that while he would support lowering taxes for senior citizens, recklessly taxing investments is a bad idea and could actually hurt seniors in the end.

Love's answer to the Eagle:

"I would support that kind of tax relief for seniors. However, what Barack Obama is proposing actually hurts seniors by raising capital gains taxes and dividends taxes. It's not right to give with one hand and take with the other. The Tax Policy Institute says that Obama's tax plan would disproportionally hurt seniors." The Dothan Eagle, Taxing Seniors Less? Love, Bright Respond, 9-20-08

To read the article in its entirety, follow the following link:

Love campaign spokesman Todd Stacy said the two answers show a striking difference in tax policy and knowledge of the economic issues facing the nation.

"This is typical Bobby Bright," said Stacy. "We see and hear a lot of feel-good talk from the mayor, but when you take a closer look, you can see the tax man waiting to collect. Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on investments is probably the worst thing we could do to this economy right now, and it's telling that Mayor Bright would go along with it. He has taxed the City of Montgomery to the breaking point, and now he wants to tax the whole country for the money people make off investments. We simply cannot afford another tax-and-spend Democrat in Congress. We can't afford Bobby Bright."
As Mayor of Montgomery, Bobby Bright pushed the City Council to raise taxes to some of the highest in the nation. Sales tax in Montgomery is currently 10 percent for every dollar spent, second only to Chicago, Ill. which taxes at 10.25 percent. Bright has recently claimed that we was not responsible for the 2002 sales tax increase and other taxes and fees he proposed, saying he had no vote on the City Council.

Stacy said it was highly hypocritical of the mayor to propose taxes then pass the buck once he decided to run for Congress.

"It's pretty funny that Mayor Bright thinks he can propose taxes then say he's not to blame for them," Stacy said. "In that way of thinking, President Bush had nothing to do with the Bush Tax Cuts because he didn't have a vote in Congress. It's slick, but the voters know better. Mayor Bright can run as far as he wants from his history of raising taxes, but he can't hide from the facts. The Bright Tax Hikes are on record, and the record is clear."

As a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, Love has sponsored and guided through a number of tax cuts for Alabamians, including a 2006 bill that provided the first significant tax cut in more than 70 years. Governor Riley singled out Love at the bill signing, thanking him for his efforts to pass the tax cuts saying it was "changing Alabama forever and improving people's lives"


Love also sponsored a bill to provide health insurance tax incentives for small business owners and their employees, which would help spur the economy, create jobs and help more Alabamians become insured. The plan finally passed during the 2008 Special Session and was signed into law by Governor Riley in July

Love said keeping taxes low was part of the conservative philosophy he wants to bring to Congress.

"Working with Governor Riley and members of the Legislature to guide these bills through wasn't easy," said Love. "A lot of people think when you cut taxes, you have to also cut services - but that's not true. Every time we cut taxes, revenue went up because the economy grew. It is my fundamental belief that people know how to spend their own money better than government does. At a time when our economy is so unstable and the stock market so fragile, the last thing we need to do is discourage investing by slapping on more taxes. We can get our country out of this mess, but we won't do it by choking Americans people with more taxes."

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