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Bright on Wrong Team for American Energy Solutions

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Location: Montgomery, AL

Bright on Wrong Team for American Energy Solutions

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, the Democratic nominee for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District, on Saturday revealed he is no different than other "do-nothing" Democrats when it comes to addressing America's energy crisis.

In response to the sudden and dramatic increase in gas prices due to Hurricane Ike, Bright told the Montgomery Advertiser there was nothing Americans could do but hope and pray for a solution to the nation's dependence on foreign oil.

From the Advertiser:

Mayor Bobby Bright said all residents can do at this point is hope.
"We can't do much. The only thing we can do is hope and pray like everyone else we will find a way to end the dependency on foreign oil," Bright said.

Drivers feel Ike's impact at the gas pump, by Ashley Hopkinson,

Jay Love for Congress campaign spokesman Todd Stacy said Bright showed his true team colors by simply wishing the situation away rather than committing to a real solution to the energy crisis.

"Just reading that statement is pretty unbelievable," Stacy said. "Mayor Bright sounds exactly like the rest of the Democrats who hope for solutions instead of doing something about it. We should always be prayerful for our nation, but faith without works is dead. We are not going to just wake up one day and find ourselves energy independent all of a sudden. Americans want action and they want it now. We need to drill here and drill now to free ourselves from our dependence on foreign oil and bring down the price of fuel. We need to invest in alternative sources of energy like wind, solar and nuclear to secure our energy future. In Congress, Jay Love will vote to do just that."

Love has called for increased American energy exploration to lower fuel costs and help American families struggling with soaring gas prices. Love said change in Washington was needed to end federal restrictions on drilling and refinery development that have driven up the price of oil, damaged the economy and jeopardized national security.

"The dramatic rise in gas prices due to Hurricane Ike is just another example of why Congress must act now to address America's energy crisis. Without increased drilling for American oil and building more refineries to bring the product to market, this country remains at the mercy of Mother Nature and unfriendly foreign powers when it comes to supplying our energy needs. Nancy Pelosi has stalled long enough. The people of the 2nd Congressional District have seen gas prices increase more than thirty cents per gallon just because a hurricane threatened the Houston area. Enough is enough. Congress needs to act now."

In August, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to adjourn for five weeks vacation after Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders refused to allow discussion of American drilling legislation. House Republicans opposed the adjournment and remained in Washington willing to debate the issue. Pelosi's response was to turn out the lights, shut off the microphones and take C-SPAN off the air.
"The differences between Republicans and Democrats on addressing the nation's energy crisis shows why teams matter in Washington," said Love. "I'm proud to be on the Republican team that is seeking a realistic, long term plan to make America energy independent, while the other team simply wants to wish the problem away."

Love's plan includes the following:

* Open parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to energy exploration. Buried beneath this Alaskan tundra lay an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil - oil that could match Saudi imports for more than 15 years. Even though recent developments in technology ensure virtually no impact on wildlife from extraction, Congress has refused to allow Americans to tap into this vast energy resource.
* End the federal ban on off-shore drilling and giving coastal states the option of opening up their oil resources for exploration as Alabama already does. American waters contain nearly 90 billion barrels of oil and 77 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Today's technology ensures we can explore, drill and extract these resources in an efficient, environmentally-safe way.
* Encourage development of America's oil shale supply. Major deposits in the West contain what would amount to 800 billion barrels of oil, but restrictions passed by this Democrat Congress have locked America out of turning this resource into usable energy.

Drilling is not the only answer, Love said, but until new technologies emerge, developing American sources of energy is critical to ending the fuel crisis.
"In time, we will find a way to develop alternative energies like wind, solar and hydrogen into viable source," Love said. "But until then, Americans cannot continue to pay for do-nothing Democrat policies that are damaging our economy and jeopardizing our national security."

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