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Mathern Says Leadership Vacuum is Hurting Consumers at the Gas Pump

Press Release

Location: Fargo, ND

Mathern Says Leadership Vacuum is Hurting Consumers at the Gas Pump

Dem-NPL Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Mathern says consumers are paying the price for Governor Hoeven's lack of leadership in addressing the gasoline shortages confronting cities like Fargo and Grand Forks.

"We need more pipeline to transport crude oil to refineries. We also need a much more proactive effort to build another oil refinery in North Dakota," Mathern said.

The legislature created the ND Pipeline Authority in 2007 to oversee building the necessary infrastructure to transport crude oil to refineries. The current contracted employee at the Authority is being paid $50 per hour and is a recent college graduate. He is also the nephew of a Hoeven contributor.

"An office in name only can't possibly get the job done," Mathern said.

An additional refinery is also critically needed to keep North Dakota oil, profits and the tax revenues they generate in the state. "We as consumers pay more at the pump when the gasoline we purchase has to travel from refineries in other states," Mathern said.

Mathern's plan calls for

* Putting the Pipeline Authority to work in spurring greater pipeline development.
* Bringing industry, farm groups, consumers and government together to start moving on building the state's next oil refinery.

"Hoeven's wait and see attitude on the issue of building another refinery just isn't good enough," Mathern said "A more proactive effort is needed to keep North Dakota's oil and the profits it generates here in North Dakota."

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