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Himes Faults Bush and Shays for Middle Class Squeeze


Location: Bridgeport, CT

Himes Faults Bush and Shays for Middle Class Squeeze

Candidate says middle class has lost ground due to failed policies

Yesterday, the U.S. Census Bureau released data documenting the lack of real growth in household income since 2001. Democratic candidate for Congress Jim Himes issued the following statement in response:

"This data provides further proof that Chris Shays' economic approach has failed," said Himes. "On Chris Shays' watch, our deficit ballooned, home values fell, and wages in the middle got stuck. In Congress, I'll give the middle class a tax cut and get our economy back on track."

"Connecticut's families literally cannot afford more of Chris Shays' failed policies," said Michael Sachse, Himes' spokesman. "A pension for a 21-year Congressman is a lot cheaper than more Bush-Shays economic policies."

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