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Issue Position: State Government Reform - Bev Perdue's First Day of Change

Issue Position

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Issue Position: State Government Reform - Bev Perdue's First Day of Change

Changing the face of North Carolina state government

Immediately after being inaugurated as North Carolina's 74th Governor,
I will sign a series of executive orders and directives including the following:

1. Establish the North Carolina Endowment for Positive Gubernatorial Campaigns
This will be the entity in charge of immediately gaining pledges from and ultimately raising money from philanthropists, businesses, civic groups, and other North Carolinians across the state. Tom Lambeth will be named its chair. Mr. Lambeth will also help lead my effort to pass enabling legislation.

2. Transform the Board of Transportation
Direct the Secretary of Transportation to immediately prohibit Board members from voting on individual projects and establish a totally professional approval process. To the extent their participation is required in any project by statute, the Secretary will make clear that Board members must sign a sworn statement that they have no financial interest related to the project or else recuse themselves.

3. On-Site Accountability
Alert all state agencies that I will make regular unannounced inspections of state-related facilities throughout the state with an accountability team. Direct state agency heads to immediately develop proposed inventories of performance and other work measures that we will be able to review at the inspections of specific sites. Also direct state agency heads to prepare for us to meet line staff confidentially without their managers.

My first inspections will include state mental health hospitals and probation offices.

4. State-"Stat" Accountability
Alert state agency heads that I will be conducting performance reviews every month with at least one agency head. Direct agency heads to propose accountability statistics and other information to review at these sessions.

5. Google (On-line) Accountability
Direct state agency heads to have immediately prepared the relevant information for internet posting of all state contracts and grants within their jurisdiction.

6. "BRAC" (Budget Reform and Accountability Commission)
Name the citizen panel and authorize it to begin developing 10 major budget reform measures for the legislature to vote up or down.

7. Gubernatorial Town Halls
Establish that I will conduct a live town hall at least four times that can be televised throughout the state. Also direct the creation of an on-line electronic town hall (E-Town Hall) in state government to continue the two-way conversation and gain feedback and recommendations from the public.

8. E-mail Retention Policy
Clarify state policy to make clear that all e-mails should start being retained under the public records law while the state identifies the technology infrastructure needed for long-term retention.

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