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Joseph Kexel Offers Support to Racine Renters

Press Release

Location: Racine, WI

Joseph Kexel Offers Support to Racine Renters

Joseph Kexel, a First Congressional District of Wisconsin candidate, met with Racine area tenants at the Racine City Hall Tuesday evening. The renters are fighting an ordinance which would allow unannounced inspections of their homes..

Joseph Kexel, the Libertarian candidate for the First Congressional District
of Wisconsin, joined the demonstration. He picked up a sign and assisted the picketers. Kexel feels that the 4th Amendment assures everyone to be secure in their homes.

"I was shocked to learn what the Racine Common Council was up to.", Kexel said. He continued, "The US Supreme Court in the past has ruled that the 4th Amendment applies to renters."

Kexel discussed the issue with those who participated in the event. He assured everyone of his continued support on the issue. Kexel is very concerned over the complete disregard of one of the core principles of our nation. "It is time to fight back.", he said.

Kexel found that the property owners are put into a tough position, too. Kexel points out that the US Supreme Court has ruled that landlords cannot consent to such a search, yet the city will demand they do.

"Without a complaint from a tenant to provide probable cause, these inspections are nothing more than illegal searches. They are either fishing expeditions to fine landlords for violations, or an attempt to snoop on citizens that the city determines need watching.", said Kexel. Kexel stands firmly behind the renters and the Constitution on this issue.

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