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Joseph Kexel Announces His Bid for United States Congress, First District

Press Release

Location: Kenosha, WI

Joseph Kexel Announces His Bid for United States Congress, First District

Joseph Kexel is running for Congress in Wisconsin's first district. He is running as a Libertarian. He hopes to be successful and move America back to the traditional values of limited government.

Joseph Kexel will be filing his Declaration of Candidacy this week for the office of Representative in Congress, First District. The primary position he hopes to promote in his campaign is his opposition to the war in Iraq. He opposes the war for it is an illegal war that was not formally declared as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

Kexel sees the costs of the war, in both blood and treasure, to be unnecessary. He believes that the war is making us unsafe by stretching our military to the extreme. He considers the financial cost of the war to be weakening our country by increasing our national debt. Kexel is concerned about the heavy burden the debt will have on the future of Wisconsin's children. He said, "The dollar is already feeling the strain of the colossal debt and will fall further as the war continues."

Another issue important to Kexel is the size of the federal government. He considers Washington a monster devouring the very liberty our founders fought for. Kexel will fight hard to cut expenditures across the board. "The primary goals of the federal government are defense and promoting interstate trade. Everything else is an unnecessary intrusion on states' rights.", he said.

Kexel opposes the Patriot Acts I and II. "FISA is all we need. If, we need more clerks and judges to keep up with the demand, then doing so would be far better than tossing our liberty into the dumpster." he said.

Kexel supports the right of every American to be the sovereign owner of their own bodies. He states that this right clearly allows everyone to use any nutritional supplement, herbal remedy or recreational drug. He continued, "It is hard to separate those activities from the unalienable right of self-ownership.

If, we accept that the government has the power to ban drugs, then we are accepting that the government owns us, body and soul." Kexel is eager to unseat the incumbent and work hard for a strong America rooted in personal liberty.

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