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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Health care is a personal issue that must be treated as such. The health care problem touches the most critical property issue of all.

"Do you own yourself?"

I hear all the time how the free market is incapable of providing cost effective health care., yet few ever address the fact that over 50% of all health care dollars come from federal, state and local government sources. This is not even a recent development, it has been this way since 1973. There is no way a free market can work in such an environment.

I would go further and state that employer provided insurance props up the prices of medical services, too. Who haggles on price anymore? Who even asks when a test is necessary? If, you own yourself, why do you allow so many other people to be involved in your health care?

As we explore health care further, we see a strong resistance to nutritional supplements by Big Pharma. My personal belief is:

The Constitution does not provide for agricultural control. The People have the inalienable right to ingest any compound they wish, either nutrient or drug. If, nature provides it, a free individual may use it.

Yes, that does include the current illegal drugs, but I do not see how you can have government have the authority over what enters your body. If, you accept the government can tell you what to eat, you are no longer the owner of your body. You are a renter within your own flesh.

Additionally, no one should forced into medical procedures. I feel that:
The People have the inalienable right to refuse immunizations or other forced medical procedures. Again, the Constitution does not provide for forced medical treatment.

It is clear that only the real owners have the right to allow medical procedures. The government should have no part of that.

The first step to lower cost health care is having the individual claim ownership of their own bodies. The second step is to accept responsibilty for your actions and learn how your actions affect your health. Doesn't anyone see the problem with obese, alcoholic, smokers demanding univeral health care?

We need people to eat right and one way for the government to help is to kill all farm subsidies. That will allow all foods to compete on their merits. Corn and wheat products are not the best foods, yet they have an artificially low price in the supermarket which promotes excessive consumption of those products.

Another great way to assist your body is to exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Excercise. I cannot say it enough. I know it is hard, but it makes a difference.

Finally, I recommend that everyone supplement Vitimans C, D3 and E. Those alone will reduce your risk for both heart disease and cancer. Right there I have offered a way to dramatically reduce the cost of health care. Other nutrients such as minerals are important, but they must be adapted to your lifestyle. Research it for yourself, you will be amazed what the true cause of many diseases are.

Your health begins with you.

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