Justice Gildea's Public Statements


By:  Lorie Skjerven Gildea
Date: Oct. 15, 2008
Location: Unknown

What is it about your background, experience and/or personality that makes you well-suited for this job?

Before I became a judge, I was a courtroom lawyer for almost 20 years, handling a wide variety of cases both civil and criminal. That broad base of experience has prepared me well to handle the diversity of cases that come before the Minnesota Supreme Court. In Minnesota, when something works, we keep it. Since I was sworn in as an Associate Justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court almost three years ago, I have helped the Court decide over 200 cases and I have authored dozens of opinions. Because of my good work on the Court and my diverse experience as a trial and appellate attorney, as a prosecutor and as a trial court judge, I have received endorsements from leaders in Minnesota's legal and academic communities, including the last three Chief Justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court. My supporters are people who watch the Court and know what it takes to be a good Supreme Court justice. These people are familiar with my record and they believe I am doing a good job on our Supreme Court. For a complete listing of my public supporters, please go to www.justiceloriegildea.com. Finally, in a recent vote taken by the Minnesota State Bar Association of its lawyer members, I received over 70% of the votes cast in my race.

Is there a particular incident or circumstance that prompted you to run for office?

I want to continue serving on the Minnesota Supreme Court because I love the law. I can think of no better way to honor the State that has given so much to me than by continuing to serve my State's people on their highest Court pursuing work that I do well and enjoy.

Describe your judicial philosophy

When I was sworn in as Minnesota's 87th Associate Justice almost three years ago, I made a commitment to the people of Minnesota that I would, as Alexander Hamilton foretold in the Federalist Papers, exercise my judgment, not impose my will, and that I would do my best to honor the law because, as Daniel Webster said, the law has honored us. Those commitments describe my judicial philosophy.

100-word essay about the issue that would be most important to you if elected

The Minnesota Supreme Court is well-respected in our State and nationally. We must work to maintain the trust and confidence of the people. During my almost three years of service, I have helped the Court decide hundreds of cases and I have written dozens of opinions for the Court. My record demonstrates that I am committed to preserving equal justice under the law, the rule of law in guiding our society, and the guarantees of liberty, safety, and democracy in Minnesota. I seek to continue this work because it is crucial and because I am good at it.

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