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Issue Position: Environment

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* Introduced the COAST Anti-Drilling Act, which places a permanent ban on offshore drilling off the Jersey Shore and all North and Mid-Atlantic states from Maine to Virginia. Former President Bush lifted the moratorium that had been in place since 1990 before leaving office in 2008.

* Introduced the Toxic Right to Know Protection Act to undo Environmental Protection Agency regulations that weaken toxic reporting requirements that have been in place for nearly two decades. The legislation would ensure communities once again know what, if any, toxic chemicals are being dumped in their neighborhoods. On March 11, 2009, President Obama signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, which undoes changes that seriously undermine the Toxics Release Inventory, a tool that has given communities access to what toxic chemicals are being released from nearby plants and refineries.

* Introduced the BEACH Act reauthorization, which requires tough new water quality testing and public notification standards so beachgoers are better informed about the safety of their beaches. The legislation passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in June 2009.

* Introduced the Superfund Polluter Pays Act to clean up Superfund sites across the country and reinstate the polluter pays tax so polluters, not taxpayers, foot the bill for the cleanup. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $600 million for the clean up of these sites. Funds will jumpstart local economies by creating jobs and will keep communities protected from these toxic sites.

* Introduced the Clean Water Protection Act to prohibit the dumping of industrial waste into rivers and streams.

* Introduced the Medical Waste Management Act of 2009 to protect our shores and beachgoers from the dumping of medical waste. The bill sets a uniform tracking system for medical waste and sets standards for the handling, disposal and treatment of this waste.

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