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Issue Position: Environment

Issue Position

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"Concern that children are being overexposed to pesticides in an environment presumed to be safe - their schools - has prompted Rep. Rush Holt (D-12) to introduce legislation to place federal restrictions on pesticide used at, and near, schools."
The Lawrence Ledger, August 23, 2005

"A fighter against sprawl...a record of environmental accomplishments including legislation to preserve open space."
Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial, November 1, 2002

"An influential member of the House...A strong advocate for his constituents, he has become a thoughtful voice on complicated issues like suburban sprawl and dealing with anthrax threats."
The New York Times, 2002

"His record on the environment has been solid...He is one of Congress' very best and deserves to be returned."
Star Ledger, October 30, 2002

Holt earned a 100% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters, a 100% from Defenders of Wildlife, an A+ from the American Wilderness Coalition, and was endorsed by the Sierra club and the Vote Environment Committee of the New Jersey Environmental Federation.

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country and one of the most industrialized. For our residents, preserving the environment isn't a luxury; it's an issue of fundamental importance. Every family has a right to clean air, safe drinking water, and open space for recreation and preservation.

A thoughtful approach to our environment affects not only our health and safety, but also quality of life issues such as the length of our commutes and the time we spend with our families.

Suburban sprawl and unplanned development are literally choking our roads. "Smart growth" is a solution to give municipalities the tools our local leaders need to effectively deal with challenges related to development, including economic growth, open space and critically needed revenue during times of tight budgets and strapped taxpayers.

Nationally, our environment has been under siege in recent years as some influential industries have aggressively sought to drill for oil in Alaska's Artic National Wildlife Preserve, one of the world's most important wildlife preserves; destroy some of our treasured forests; lower pollution standards related to outdated coal-fired energy plants; and block meaningful investment in clean, renewable sources of energy.

"America the Beautiful" is a song worth preserving, and not just in lyrics. Our lands, waterways and the air we breathe are natural gifts and wonders that we have an obligation to preserve for future generations.

Rush's Results

Rush Holt, Congress' most experienced research scientist, is respected for his ability to:

* Evaluate problems
* Formulate practical, sound solutions
* Advocate effectively for measures to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life for people in central NJ and throughout the U.S.

His results speak for themselves:

* Successfully led a bipartisan coalition to approve a key amendment that secured $30 million in federal funding in 2000 for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The amendment, aimed at using federal funds to leverage state matching funds, provided funding to NJ for the first time in five years. Since passage of the amendment, the federal government has provided approximately $465 million in matching grants that have helped preserve open space in our state and nationwide.
* Fought to stop ocean dumping off NJ's coast and create a scientific advisory panel assembled to prevent contaminated material from being deposited in the ocean.
* Fought for NJ's right to ban over-sized truck traffic on narrow roads by going directly to the U.S. Department of Transportation in 1999, and later offering an amendment on the floor of the House of Representatives.
* Helped develop legislation to create the "Crossroads of the Revolution" project, designating Revolutionary War sites across central NJ as a National Park Service Heritage Area. If enacted, this bill will preserve open space, encourage tourism and help educate youth on NJ's rich historic role in the American Revolution.
* Joined colleagues to successfully persuade the U.S. Department of the Interior to comprehensively assess the "Crossroads of the Revolution" to secure the necessary resources for the sites' proper care.
* Wrote landmark legislation to ban reckless snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park, which came within a hairbreadth of passage with a tie vote.
* Joined a coalition of Democrats and Republicans in successfully designating the Lower Delaware River a part of our nation's Wild and Scenic River System, preserving the Delaware's natural, historic and economic resources.
* Stood up loud and clear to safeguard our country's environmental treasures from dangerous public policy, including oil drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Preserve.

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