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Issue Position: Tax Dollars

Issue Position

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Ensuring New Jerseyans benefit from their tax dollars

Congressman Garrett requested the following projects for New Jersey for Fiscal Year 2009. These requests help ensure that hardworking New Jerseyans benefit from their tax dollars. Detailed descriptions of the projects are provided below for your convenience.

Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS)

Law Enforcement Communications Equipment -- $1,250,000

Grantee: Warren County Department of Public Safety

Grantee Location: Washington, NJ

Due to the ongoing terrorist threat facing this country and the proximity of northern New Jersey to New York City, I have submitted a project request to upgrade the radio network for all municipal police departments and county law enforcement agencies throughout Warren County. It will enhance law enforcement officer safety and security and also improve interoperability with other state and out-of-state law enforcement agencies. This request will cover the cost of mobile and portable radios in each vehicle and for each officer throughout Warren County.


Advanced Fluid Controls for Shipboard Applications Phase III -- $2,000,000

Grantee: Marotta Controls

Grantee Location: Montville, NJ

In an effort to provide our military with the most cost effective and efficient tools to protect our nation, I have requested funding to allow the Navy to develop ships containing a new product line of low maintenance, light weight valves using composite materials. This development effort enables the Navy to meet its requirements to reduce weight, improve reliability and reduce ship manning. This line of valves will weigh 50 percent less than existing valves and this is expected to increase the life of the valves by 33 percent.

Project: The Institute for the Advancement of Bloodless Medicine -- $1,000,000

Grantee: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Grantee Location: Englewood, NJ

The New Jersey Institute for the Advancement of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery (NJIABMS) at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center (EHMC) has begun to develop a project for teaching and consultation of bloodless medicine with $1.6 million from DOD to teach military doctors and nurses blood management techniques to support their clinical practice during wartime efforts. EHMC has reduced the use of blood by close to 50%. By teaching our military physicians and nurses the bloodless medicine and surgery techniques, our wounded soldiers will greatly benefit during this time of war.

Landing Craft Composite Lift Fan -- $1,000,000

Grantee: Curtiss-Wright Flow Control/Engineered Pump Division

Grantee Location: Phillipsburg, NJ

This project will support the design, development, and manufacture of two sets of prototype composite material lift fans for application on current and next generation Navy landing craft vessels. The initiative will address an ongoing problem the Navy has been experiencing with current generation metal lift fan blades that have to be replaced every few months at a cost of approximately $1.4 million a year. This technology will extend the life of landing craft lift fans, reducing failures, maintenance, and life cycle costs. The proposed fan improvement utilizes state of the art composite materials, fiber-reinforced matrix composites. Similar composite materials have proven themselves in pumps used in sea water applications onboard U.S. Naval Ships.

Lightweight Munitions and Surveillance System for Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles -- $4,000,000

Grantee: Imperial Machine & Tool Co

Grantee Location: Columbia, NJ

Operations in Iraq have exposed troop and vehicle vulnerability to Improvised Explosive Devises ("IEDs") and urban combat environments. There is a pressing need to improve combat effectiveness against IEDs and insurgents in urban environment while minimizing exposure to military personnel. The Lightweight Munitions and Surveillance System will be an ideal tool for these combat operations. This system will have dual capabilities, giving our warfighters a better remote reconnaissance/observation platform as well as providing a safe and effective way to engage IEDs and enemy combatants in urban environments.

M - PACT High Pressure Pure Air Generator -- $2,000,000

Grantee: Marotta Controls

Grantee Location: Montville, NJ

To ensure that our United States Air Force has the highest quality of equipment available, I have requested funding that would further develop a high pressure pure air system for the Air Force Small Diameter Bomb program. This system will enable the Air Force to safely launch the small diameter bomb from aircraft such as the F-15, F-22 and F-35. The generator will allow the Air Force to cost effectively launch weapons at enemy targets and enables the depot to support quick turns in the field. This system replaces pyrotechnic systems, which require a higher level of maintenance and transportation and storage of hazardous material.

The Valley Hospital Medical Errors Reduction Initiative: Stage III, Understanding the Role of Human Factors in Health Care Technology -- $500,000

Grantee: The Valley Hospital

Grantee Location: Ridgewood, NJ

Through a successful multi-year partnership with the Department of Defense, The Valley Hospital has become a leader in the study and use of innovative health technology. The Valley Hospital will study the common pressures facing both civilian and military health systems with implementing and integrating information technology, especially as it relates to the extreme reluctance physicians feel with using Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). The study will lead to the development of strategies and standard practices that will break through the frustration that causes physicians to abandon and oppose CPOE systems.

2kW MTG Diesel Generator Rapid Replenishment -- $3,000,000

Grantee: The Dewey Electronics Corporation

Grantee Location: Oakland, NJ

The 2kW MTG is the only lightweight, man-portable, logistically supportable, diesel generator reliable and rugged enough for use in the most demanding military applications. Although there are more than 10,000 units presently deployed with the U.S. Army, the 2kW MTG is not widely available in the Marine Corps inventory. In the last few years, however, a number of these generators have been made available for Marine Expeditionary Units deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, the 2kW MTG has proven its worth and has become an important supplier of electrical power for Marine Expeditionary Units.

These generator sets are extremely easy to operate and maintain, and can be transported in tactical vehicles without difficulty. Capable of providing power for combat operations centers, counter mortar force protection, forward deployed rifle companies, communications equipment, lighting, and other electrical components, the 2kW MTG enables a forward tactical position or command post to have power quickly and for the maximum amount of time necessary.

Energy and Water

Implementation of Measures to Improve Water Quality in Greenwood Lake, West Milford, Passaic County, New Jersey - $300,000

Grantee: Greenwood Lake Commission

Grantee Location: Greenwood Lake, NJ

Greenwood Lake is a 1,920 acre body of water located in both Passaic County, New Jersey, and Orange County, New York. The lake is highly valued as an ecological water quality and recreational resource for both New Jersey and New York. It has a positive impact on the local economics of both states. In addition, the lake serves as a headwater source supply of potable water that flows to the Monksville Reservoir and eventually into the Wanaque Reservoir, where it supplies more than 5 million people with drinking water.

Studies have been completed with numerous recommendations for corrective actions. This project would implement several action items. The desired result of this proposed project is to reduce the existing phosphorus loads entering Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, which in turn will reduce the magnitude and frequency of algal blooms and nuisance densities of aquatic vegetation. The funding would be used to cover the costs solely for the design and construction work within the lake.

Lower Saddle River -- $750,000

Grantee: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Investigations

Grantee Location: Bergen County, NJ

In order to protect New Jersey residents from the hazards of floods, a Flood Damage Reduction project for the Lower Saddle River was authorized by Congress in 1986 and a detailed design was completed in 1996. The project was never constructed. In response to the flooding from Tropical Storm Floyd in 1999, local interests requested that efforts to implement a plan be resumed. In 2006, surveys, design and modeling analysis of the Lower Saddle River and Sprout Brook were initiated. In 2007, hydraulics and hydrodynamics work was completed, as well as an initial reassessment of the existing environmental documentation. The Army Corps is currently working on a Limited Reevaluation Report that updates the economics, hydrology and hydraulics, and design of the current project. The requested funds would go to complete the Reevaluation Report.

Interior and Environment

Delaware Water Gap Land Acquisition -- $1,000,000

Grantee: The Nature Conservancy

Grantee Location: Chester, NJ

Another tract of land that has been singled out and is eligible for protection is located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA). I am requesting $1 million to protect 91.5 acres that is completely surrounded by existing DWGNRA lands. It is one of the highest priorities for acquisition by the National Park Service because it will preserve biodiversity and make administration of the DWGNRA more efficient.

Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge Land Acquisition Project -- $650,000

Grantee: National Wildlife Refuge System/ USFWS

Grantee Location: Trenton, New Jersey

Open space throughout New Jersey is rapidly disappearing. To help protect some of the state's cherished natural resources I am requesting funding in the amount of $650,000 for the acquisition of 86-acres adjacent to the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, which protect area water quality and provide habitat for migratory birds and recreational opportunities for visitors. As a gateway to the refuge, the parcel includes a small canyon, steam and excellent forest interior habitat for migratory birds and other species. Purchase of this site would provide additional opportunities for hiking, wildlife observation and photography for refuge visitors. In addition, the parcel would protect the refuge's only viable Atlantic white cedar swamp, which adjoins the site.

Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (Labor-HHS)

CARE: Excellence Center -- $500,000

Grantee: Hackettstown Community Hospital (dba- Hackettstown Regional Medical Center)

Grantee Location: Hackettstown, NJ

Hackettstown Community Hospital has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to standardize and redesign the clinical care processes throughout the organization. The primary objective of this project is to improve the outcomes for patients and improve the work environment for employees and physicians. This new system will provide a much safer environment for patients than the current paper charts and record keeping. CARE Excellence will enable patients' physicians to access critical healthcare information generated by medical professionals within the medical center - at anytime and from anywhere. The technology will help keep patients safe from medical errors, drug interactions and misinterpretation of handwritten medical notations in a patient's chart. I am seeking federal funds to help advance this initiative.

Comprehensive Cancer Center: Outpatient Infusion Center and Brachytherapy Suite -- $600,000

Grantee: Hackettstown Community Hospital (dba - Hackettstown Regional Medical Center)

Grantee Location: Hackettstown, NJ

Hackettstown Community Hospital has been working to bring comprehensive cancer treatment services to the northwest corner of New Jersey. The last component needed to complete this part of the comprehensive cancer treatment center, includes the opening of a Brachytherapy suite. This specialized cancer treatment option employs the use of a High Dose Remote (HDR) Afterloading system and other surgical appliances which deposit a high dose of radiation directly into cancerous tissue through use of a catheter that is surgically installed. This type of treatment is particularly effective in treating some forms of cancer including prostate, cervical and lung cancers. The physical space for this new service was finished when the Radiation Oncology Center opened, however they have yet to purchase the equipment necessary to actually begin offering this treatment option to cancer patients. This funding will go to help with the purchasing of this vital equipment.

Newton Memorial Hospital Health Information Technology Initiative -- $1,000,000

Grantee: Newton Memorial Hospital

Grantee Location: Newton, NJ

Newton Memorial Hospital is a 146-bed acute care facility serving Sussex and Warren counties in northwestern New Jersey since 1932. The hospital made a substantial financial commitment in 2006 to convert its clinical and financial information technology system into a full-scale, cutting edge enterprise solution with the goal of improving overall patient safety and quality care. I am seeking federal funding to assist Newton in implementing critical health information technology upgrades. Such enhancements will allow the hospital to significantly improve patient care in northwest New Jersey, as we advance towards developing a community wide, integrated health information system. This funding will help Newton Memorial Hospital serve as a state of the art model among the "most wired" community healthcare organizations in the country.

Northern New Jersey Aging-in-Place Demonstration Project -- $500,000

Grantee: UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey

Grantee Location: River Edge, NJ

Aging-in-Place demonstration projects are a timely and innovative response to the challenges facing community-based providers of health and social services to older Americans throughout the Nation. The UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey is conducting one of these projects. The requested funding will be used for items traditionally reflected in the core programmatic components of an Aging-in-Place Program: case management and social work; health care management, assistance, and prevention; education, socialization, and recreational activities. In addition, the budget provides for the conduct of evaluation and dissemination, two requirements of Title IV, Older Americans Act Demonstration Projects

Ramapo College Nursing Facilities & Programs -- $500,000

Grantee: Ramapo College of New Jersey

Grantee Location: Mahwah, NJ

New Jersey is one of the states where our country's nursing shortage is most acute due to the high density of its population. Ramapo College's nursing program brings together several institutional partners to offer an innovative clinical based baccalaureate program and a master's degree in nursing education that addresses the need for nursing instructors. The program's current enrollment includes more than 400 undergraduates and 60 graduate students, which is helping to address the critical shortage of nurses. The funding will be used to purchase nursing lab equipment, academic tutoring and nursing career mentoring programs. Funding will outfit nursing laboratories that feature computerized simulators that replicate medical conditions. It will provide students the most up-to-date information and technology necessary to perform as skilled professionals in a field that becomes more important as the population ages.

Ramapo College Science Facilities -- $500,000

Grantee: Ramapo College of New Jersey

Grantee Location: Mahwah, NJ

Over 72,000 individuals are employed in New Jersey's chemical industry, and another 283,537 New Jersey jobs are related to the chemistry field. With the nationwide emphasis on undergraduate research, especially in science, Ramapo College will develop science facilities which prepare students for jobs in New Jersey's chemical industry, sustain New Jersey's chemical industry with an influx of trained and qualified personnel, and keep student's in-state with job opportunities post-graduation. The Federal funding will be applied toward purchasing laboratory equipment for Ramapo College's science facilities, including chemistry tables, instructor's areas, fume hood and installations, and computer stations. When completed, Ramapo College's new science facilities will be utilized by nearly 1,500 students. That number is expected to increase in the years after completion of the new science facilities.

The Valley Hospital Palliative Care Program

Grantee: The Valley Hospital

Grantee Location: Ridgewood, NJ

Amount: $ 250,000

Palliative care aims to relieve pain and suffering and improve quality of life for patients with advanced illness, and their families. Provided by an interdisciplinary team and offered in conjunction with all other appropriate forms of medical treatment, palliative care programs structure a variety of hospital resources - medical and nursing specialists, social workers, and clergy - to effectively deliver the highest quality of care to patients with advanced illness. This funding will help The Valley Hospital employ a full-time staff to educate doctors, nurses, and social workers throughout the hospital to encourage referrals to the palliative care program as well as teach and implement the principles of palliative care to other health care providers.

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD)

Life Safety and Security Improvements -- $500,000

Grantee: Christian Health Care Center

Grantee Location: Wyckoff, NJ

Since 1911, Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) has been northern New Jersey's only comprehensive provider of eldercare and mental health services. CHCC maintains a tranquil atmosphere of caring on 78 acres in Wyckoff, NJ that offers its elderly and dependent resident's state-of-the-art, home-like facilities. I am seeking funding that will be combined with private dollars to provide life safety and security upgrades to CHCC's campus. These critical upgrades will aid local first responders in addressing emergencies, provide safety and security to homes in surrounding Wyckoff and Hawthorne neighborhoods, protect elderly individuals seeking medical attention, and provide safety to children at CHCC's on-campus day care program.

NW NJ Multi-County Intermodal Transit Initiative -- $3,000,000

Grantee: New Jersey Transit Corporation

Grantee Location: Newark, NJ

In an effort to help alleviate the terrible traffic congestion in Northern New Jersey, I am seeking funds to implement a NW New Jersey Intermodal Transit Initiative. To date, NJ TRANSIT received appropriations of $990,000 in FY06 and $588,000 in FY08 for this project under the Bus & Bus Facilities Section 5309 program. The funds requested in this application will support the efforts of NJ TRANSIT to improve intermodal transit facilities throughout the northwestern part of the state.

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