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Issue Position: Improving Access to Healthcare

Issue Position

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One of the greatest factors upon which our quality of life depends is our nation's quality of health. The U.S healthcare system is the best in the world, and it is vital that we not only continue to keep it the best but also that we work to increase access to it so every American can receive the care they need.

Strengthening Healthcare: To strengthen healthcare provision right here in the Fifth District, Scott Garrett secured funding for several of the District's hospitals to ensure that they have the means needed to serve our community. He also voted to establish the New Jersey Breast Cancer Research Fund and voted in favor of including breast self-examination as a part of core curriculum content standards in our public schools.

Containing Healthcare Cost: Furthermore, Scott is a strong supporter of measures that would help contain the rising cost of healthcare, such as health savings accounts, and increase access to low-cost high quality health insurance, such as association health plans. Association health plans will allow small businesses to join together to provide health insurance to their employees. More than 24 million uninsured Americans work for small business that currently cannot afford to provide them health coverage. Associated health plans will provide a mechanism for employers to be able to address this issue and for employees to receive the coverage they need.

You can count on Scott to continue his support of measures which would make health insurance more portable; empowering individuals and families to hold onto their healthcare plans from job to job rather than constraining their healthcare options to what an employer offers.

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