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Issue Position: Halting Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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America is a nation of immigrants, and throughout our history it has been the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of immigrants from around the world that have made our country great. America is also great because we are a nation of laws, and we must ensure that those who seek to cross our borders do so legally. The validity of our laws as well as the strength of our national security depends on this.

Securing our Borders: During Scott's time in Congress, he has been a strong supporter of measures to secure our borders from illegal immigrants and also those who attempt to enter our country with the sole purpose of doing our country harm. Scott Garrett has consistently supported legislation to combat the hiring of illegal aliens and to provide for strategies for increasing border security.

Scott Garrett supported the Secure Fence Act which requires that specifications on the border fence location and all fence construction be completed by June 30, 2009, and that the construction be fully funded. He firmly believes that providing stronger border security will help us better protect our nation.

Opposing Amnesty: Scott is an outspoken leader in opposing amnesty for those who broke our laws to cut in line in front of immigrants who spent many years and dollars to be part of the American dream legally. Rewarding those who have no respect for the rules is not a good policy.

We must adequately enforce current immigration laws and secure our nation's borders. Protecting American citizens to ensure that we are safe and strong is one of Scott's top priorities.

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