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Coalition to Defeat Ballot Initiatives that Break "Peace" Between Labor and Business in Colorado

Press Release

Location: Washington DC

Today, Congressman Udall (D-Eldorado Springs) issued the following statement in support of an agreement reached today between a coalition of business and labor groups to defeat conflicting labor-related ballot measures which - taken together - would be harmful to Coloradans. Union groups agreed to withdraw their proposals and together with business groups will work to defeat the right-to-work ballot measure. The coalition will join to urge that Coloradans vote "no" on Amendments 47, 49 and 54.

"Over the next month, we will stand united -- fighting for Colorado, fighting for Colorado's economy and fighting for Colorado's future. I support this new Colorado coalition and believe that working men and women and our business community will be the better for it. Putting aside differences, finding common ground and working together for the good of our state is the hallmark of what we do best in Colorado.

"I am proud that leaders in the labor and business communities have set aside their differences to find a path forward that is in the best interest of the people of our state. I have always believed that collaboration is preferable to confrontation in business-labor relations. Joining together to defeat these ballot initiatives (Amendments 47, 49 and 54) will retain an important balance between business and labor that has, for the most part, worked well for Colorado."

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