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Issue Position: Economy

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A decent job is part of the foundation that every family is built on. Good jobs make it possible for us to feed our families, educate our children, and retire in dignity. A threat to our jobs is a threat to our very well-being.

The list of good-paying jobs shipped overseas seems endless. Every day it seems we hear news of another company closing its doors in Indiana and moving to Mexico, China or elsewhere. Small business owners, such as tool-and-die shops and molding companies, continually lose bids and contracts to subsidized foreign industries.

Since this administration has come to office, we have lost three million good-paying manufacturing jobs in the United States. Our district has been especially hard-hit by failed government policies on trade. Existing trade policies export jobs and import economic weakness and heartache for working families. Standing for fair trade means standing up for American workers and voting against trade agreements that pit American workers against workers in countries with no labor or environmental laws - it's not a fair fight.

Additionally, I will fight to raise the minimum wage and vote against efforts to block better wages for working Americans.

I pledge that I will take the following steps to help create jobs when I am in Congress. I will:

1) Support international trade that is fair and free, with labor and environmental standards in every agreement.

2) Vote against trade agreements that ship good-paying jobs overseas, such as the recent trade agreements with Chile and Singapore and CAFTA.

3) Promote increased technical training and education for our young people. Workers in our district need support to develop the skills to compete in the modern economy.

4) Vote in Congress for the best interests of the working men and women of Northern Indiana, and not for a partisan political agenda or extreme point of view.

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