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Congressman Aderholt Continues Fight against High Gas Prices with New Resolution

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt last night submitted a resolution aimed at addressing the cost of high-gasoline prices, despite the Democratic Majority's decision to send Congress back to their districts without debating any legislation that would lower the price of gas. The resolution, which is called the "Enhancing Energy Independence Resolution" (H.Con.Res. 401), expresses that America can become more energy independent using today's technology without massive taxpayer expenditures.

"Paying four dollars for a gallon of a gasoline is a symptom of an ailment brought on by our nation's failure to break its dependence on foreign oil," said Congressman Aderholt.

"I believe that we should enact legislation that would increase the supply of domestic energy with American exploration for oil and promote more conservation and efficiency to make us less dependent on foreign oil," said Congressman Aderholt. "We have the ability to be much more independent from foreign oil but some in Congress are not allowing it. This resolution will educate the American people and hopefully generate a groundswell of support."

The House of Representatives voted this week to adjourn for a five-week August recess, despite an effort by Republicans and some Democrats to keep the chamber in session to address high gas prices. Thursday's vote on the motion to adjourn was 213-212 in favor of leaving Washington, with every Republican, including Aderholt, voting against and 17 Democrats joining them. Congressman Aderholt was again in the minority on a 213-197 Friday vote to adjourn for the August recess without an energy debate.

The resolution submitted by Congressman Aderholt includes exploration in ANWR, the Offshore Continental Shelf, shale oil, and the coal-to-liquid technology and refining. The resolution also states that our shale oil reserves make the United States the country with the world's largest oil reserves, and that production of the oil contained in America's recoverable shale oil deposits would add about $140 trillion to our Nation's economy.

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