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Ketchum Well Positioned for Win

Press Release

Location: Huntington, WV

Ketchum Well Positioned for Win

Begins with 13-Point Lead and Atmosphere to His Advantage

In a survey of 600 registered voters, Menis Ketchum begins in a strong position to win one of two open seats on the West Virginia Supreme Court. When asked if the election were held today, 48% of voters favored Menis Ketchum as one of their two choices with 57% selecting Margaret Workman and only 35% for Beth Walker. After given a short positive profile of all three candidates, Menis Ketchum grew to 55% with Ms. Workman at 62% and Ms. Walker still trailing at 41%.

Jeff Liszt of Anzalone Liszt Research, the firm that conducted the poll, points out that "Menis Ketchum begins with a strong profile and a double digit lead over an unknown candidate. He also has a greater potential to grow his numbers, because his profile is much stronger than Ms. Walker's."

In addition, the political atmosphere and projected turnout favors Mr. Ketchum's candidacy. With Governor Joe Manchin commanding 66% of the vote against an unknown and unfunded challenger, Republican voters have only the presidential election to motivate them. At the same time, two Democrats will appear on the ballot with only one Republican, making it more likely that Democrats will cast two votes, boosting both Mr. Ketchum and Ms. Workman.

"I feel good about this campaign," says Menis Ketchum. "And I'm working as hard as I can to let people know what's at stake. We have a chance to restore fairness, balance and integrity to our Supreme Court."

Menis Ketchum has tried more than 170 cases to jury verdict and prosecuted more than 30 West Virginia Supreme Court cases. He has more hours in a courtroom trying cases than any other candidate on the ballot, and in those years, Mr. Ketchum has represented both defendants and plaintiffs. In the Primary, Mr. Ketchum received endorsements from both Labor organizations and business groups.

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